Troutman Planning & Zoning Board elects new leadership, approves changes to UDO

Posted at 1:35 PM on Apr 10, 2019



The Troutman Planning and Zoning Board has selected a new chair and vice chair after the resignation of Board Chairman Layton Getsinger at the end of 2019.

During its March meeting, the board chose Vice Chair Randy Farmer to move into the chairmanship and board member Karen Van Vliet to assume the vice chair role.

Text Amendments Approved

Town Manager Justin Longino asked the board to consider approval of a text amendment to the recently revised Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) clarifying distinctions between hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts within the Permitted and Special Uses Table.

Longino said that the definitions of these businesses needed additional clarification to make their differences distinct and also to make them consistent with the UDO and state laws.

Bed and breakfasts and inns needed particular changes to be in compliance with N.C. General Statute 130A-247.

Longino explained that the UDO, adopted in January by the Town Council, will continue to evolve as the town grows and addresses new situations. The need for this revision emerged with a recent rezoning request when an inconsistency between the definitions for inns/hotels/motels and their listing in the table became evident.

When addressing this change, staff also saw inconsistency with the UDO and the state statute regarding B&B homes and B&B inns in the permitted number of guest rooms.

Craig Lewis of Stantec, a firm that oversaw the revision of the 292-page UDO document, recommended making the changes “to clarify an obscurity and align our code with the state statutes while adjusting it in a way that should have been changed originally,” according to Longino.

Changes include:

► Bed and breakfast homes can be up to eight rooms (allowed in rural preservation zoning, suburban, town and mixed residential areas, and in office/institutional, neighborhood center, and central business areas.

► Bed and breakfast inns can have nine to 12 rooms.

► Hotels and inns of up to 24 rooms are allowed in office/institutional, neighborhood center, and central and highway business zoning areas.

► Motels are allowed only in highway business zoning areas.

► Hotels/motels/inns require 24/7 onsite management.

► A bed and breakfast home is defined as a “residential-type lodging facility that has no more than 8 guest rooms that offers bed and breakfast accommodations for a period of less than one week.”

► A bed and breakfast inn is a “residential-type lodging facility that has no more than 9 to 12 guest rooms that offers bed and breakfast accommodations for a period of less than one week.”

► The definition of an inn was changed from to providing meals for guests to “may provide meals” to guests.

► The motel definition was changed to “direct access to each guest room is usually from an exterior door.”

► The board approved these recommended changes and sent them on to Town Council for final consideration at its April meeting.

Meeting Date Changes

Due to holiday schedules, the board voted to change the Planning & Zoning Board meetings of April 22 (Easter Monday) to April 15 and the May 27 (Memorial Day) to May 20. Both meetings will be held at their regular time of 7 p.m.

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