Troutman ESC Park community meeting set for Monday

Posted at 4:26 AM on Feb 17, 2018



Troutman officials are seeking community input to refresh its plans for phase 2 of Troutman ESC Park.

A drop-in session is planned from 4 to 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 19, at Troutman Town Hall.

Parks and Recreation Coordinator Emily Watson invites all those interested in the park’s future amenities to stop by to ask questions, look at existing plans, and make suggestions to staff.

The meeting is part of the process to get community viewpoints as staff members apply for a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) grant for further development of ESC Park.

PARTF rejected last year’s grant proposal, requesting a phase 2 updated plan with new community input. The town council's decision to make Watson a full-time recreation coordinator will also increase chances of receiving the grant this year.

The PARTF provides up to $500,000 dollar-for-dollar matching grants to North Carolina municipalities for public parks and recreational projects. The fund is also the primary financial source to build or renovate facilities in state parks and to purchase land for new parks or to expand already established parks..

In 2011, Troutman received a $500,000 PARTF grant to establish the park. Most of that money went to grading and clearing the wooded area where the park is located.

The next phase includes an interactive splash pad, a walking trail around the soccer field, an amphitheater and additional sidewalks.

Though some aspects of the second phase are hopefully set, “we are open to any suggestions or recommendations so that we can provide what the community wants,” said Watson.

Participants can complete a survey of possible amenity options for phase 2.

“If there’s something a group of citizens are passionate about, come out and share that. We will be talking about what the next phases will look like and what the future of Parks and Recreation in Troutman might be,” said Watson.

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Those with questions about the meeting can contact Watson at 704-528-7600 or email her at

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