Troutman Council to hold part one of annual retreat on February 1

Posted at 5:10 AM on Feb 1, 2019



Troutman Town Council will hold the first session of its annual planning retreat in the auditorium of Lake Norman State Park on Friday, February 1, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The second half-day session is expected to be scheduled for late February or early March.

Council members decided to split their normally day-long meeting into two sessions to maintain maximum focus and to allow time for questions or issues that arise to be researched before the next session.

Town Manager Justin Longino will first welcome council and staff members, review the agenda, and set expectations for the session.

Staff members will next review progress on several town projects, including Mill Village sewer improvements, street improvements, and the ABC store sidewalk, and the refurbishing of a building recently purchased by the town. The council allocated $850,000 for much-needed road repairs in this year’s budget.

Other projects in the works are the Greenway South extension and the downtown sidewalk package.

Council will also revisit previously discussed projects and decide whether to incorporate them in future budget plans, including a splash pad for ESC Park, the development of a secondary business corridor on Lytton Street, Streamwood Road repairs, and the Calvary Church water line.

A much-discussed Town Hall expansion plan is also scheduled for more deliberation. Staff members are currently in spaces the size of a study carol, and the kitchen is being repurposed to house Longino.

Other future large projects include further development in the downtown district and the implementation of recommendations of the recently adopted Strategic Master Plan.

The public is invited to attend the meeting, but no public comment is scheduled.

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