Troutman Business Council finishing economic development website

Posted at 4:39 PM on Apr 21, 2017



Troutman Business Council members reviewed progress on the organization's economic development website project and discussed business signage at its April meeting.

President Andrew Whitaker said the framework of the website is now complete, and website developers are ready to add content to the site. Members are contacting area CEOs and celebrities for testimonials to show why they chose Troutman to live and work.

They are hoping to add videos and pictures of Troutman events and people to the site in the next few weeks, with a goal of going live in the next few months. Whitaker said the logo was also done and that a link to real estate listings was also incorporated into the site.

The web developer will train designated TBC members to add content and updates to the website after it is up and running, according to Whitaker.

Council members also discussed possible solutions to a recent request to the town about adding a business direction sign on Highway 21 to a business on Lytton Street. Current town ordinances prohibit business signage except on the business’s property to avoid visual clutter.

The use of multiple business directional signs and connecting to the upcoming wayfinding project was offered as possibilities, but Town Planner Erika Martin noted that new federal regulations had clamped down even more on signage.

Lytton Street is planned to become part of the future business district, but only a few businesses have located there at present. However, a generic sign pointing to the Lytton Street business district in the wayfinding program might be one possible solution. Members decided to table a recommendation on the matter until next month when more members could be present.

Town Planner Erika Martin said the town got a CRPTO grant to build a Lytton Street connector street to begin its quest to create a business district there, but the town is still awaiting federal permission to use the money on the project. Strangely, under current federal policy, the feds will not approve a new street using grant money until after it is done.

However, if the street does not qualify for its system, the feds can reject the street and make the entity receiving the grant pay the money back to the federal government, which is a risky situation for local governments, according to Martin. The town is trying to figure out a way to ensure that it will get federal approval.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of TBC is scheduled for 9 a.m.on May 16 at Troutman Town Hall.

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