Town of Troutman: Sewage spilled into Hicks Creek

Posted at 11:46 AM on Jan 30, 2019


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The Town of Troutman experienced a sewer overflow due to grease accumulation and debris in the line on Tuesday, January 29. 

An estimated 1,500 gallons spilled into nearby Hicks Creek in the amount of 1,500 gallons, according to town officials.

The town was notified of the spill at 11 a.m. The overflow took place on a sewer off Elliot Drive. Crew was on site by 11:15 a.m. and had the spill stopped at 11:40 a.m., town officials said in a statement.

The line was then thoroughly cleaned and foamed with a degreasing product. Remedial action was taken for odors, including lime application and ground cover. 

The overflow was reported to the N.C. Division of Water Resources and all necessary steps have been taken to ensure continued compliance. The spill was not of a magnitude to cause immediate danger to human health or the environment, town officials said.

The Town of Troutman does have an active F.O.G. (Fats Oils & Grease) program which explains what can and cannot be put into drains. 


If anyone has any questions or concerns they are instructed to call Town Hall at (704)-528-7600 for further information.

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