Prep Wrestling: Greyhounds pick up three wins at Fight Night

Posted at 9:35 PM on Dec 11, 2018



The Greyhounds wrestling team picked up three victories in four matches at Fight Night @ The Hill on Friday, December 7, defeating West Iredell, East Burke and Bunker Hill.

Here are the match results:

Statesville 51, West Iredell 29
152: Elijah Munoz (WEIR) over Thomas Jaimes (STAT) (Fall 0:49) 160: Garrison Fontaine (STAT) over Jake Norman (WEIR) (Fall 0:00) 170: Seth Williamson (WEIR) over (STAT) (For.) 182: Aaron Harris (WEIR) over Devin McIver (STAT) (Fall 0:23) 195: Dedrick Davis (STAT) over Nathan Sherrill (WEIR) (Fall 4:32) 220: Robert Shuford (STAT) over Kareen Stevenson (WEIR) (Fall 1:59) 285: Marcus McIver (STAT) over Adam Ervin (WEIR) (Fall 1:13) 106: Victor Lamberth (WEIR) over Justin Wooten (STAT) (Fall 0:52) 113: Parker Galliher (STAT) over Dominick Ghiraldi (WEIR) (Fall 1:28) 120: William Johnson (STAT) over Jonathan Santiago (WEIR) (Fall 2:32) 126: Joe Dishman (STAT) over (WEIR) (For.) 132: Landon Shuford (WEIR) over Andrew Holtz (STAT) (TF 15-0 0:00) 138: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over Ryan Fox (WEIR) (Fall 0:26) 145: Kobe Imes (STAT) over Omar Morris (WEIR) (Dec 8-6)

Newton Conover 75, Statesville 3
106: Camden Spencer (NECO) over Parker Galliher (STAT) (Fall 1:21) 113: Mitch Glover (NECO) over Justin Wooten (STAT) (Fall 0:44) 120: Isaiah Summers (NECO) over William Johnson (STAT) (Fall 3:28) 126: Spenser Harris (NECO) over (STAT) (For.) 132: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over Cole Yoder (NECO) (Dec 9-3) 138: Xaeden Vixaysak (NECO) over Terrence bailey (STAT) (Fall 1:12) 145: Luke Canrobert (NECO) over Taye Allison (STAT) (Fall 0:47) 152: Carson Dollarhide (NECO) over Garrison Fontaine (STAT) (Fall 3:03) 160: Charlie Pettery (NECO) over (STAT) (For.) 170: Joshua Nichols (NECO) over (STAT) (Fall 0:00) 182: Cole Clark (NECO) over Devin McIver (STAT) (Fall 1:41) 195: Sakarri Morrison (NECO) over Kyle Gaither (STAT) (Fall 0:44) 220: James Gaither (NECO) over Marc Williams (STAT) (Fall 1:14) 285: Ryan Walker (NECO) over Marcus McIver (STAT) (Dec 8-7)

Statesville 54, East Burke 25
145: Trevor Phillips (EABU) over Kobe Imes (STAT) (Dec 11-4) 152: Bryson Hedrick (EABU) over Thomas Jaimes (STAT) (Fall 1:21) 160: Garrison Fontaine (STAT) over (EABU) (For.) 170: Devin McIver (STAT) over (EABU) (For.) 182: Elijah Hess (EABU) over (STAT) (For.) 195: Kyle Gaither (STAT) over (EABU) (For.) 220: Robert Shuford (STAT) over Jonathon Carroll (EABU) (Fall 1:37) 285: Marcus McIver (STAT) over (EABU) (For.) 106: Parker Galliher (STAT) over (EABU) (For.) 113: Justin Wooten (STAT) over Abram Tallent (EABU) (Fall 1:25) 120: Arturo Pinzon-Castillejos (EABU) over William Johnson (STAT) (MD 16-5) 126: Andrew Holtz (STAT) over (EABU) (For.) 132: John Doe (EABU) over (STAT) (M. For.) 138: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over Dustin Stephens (EABU) (Fall 1:13)

Statesville 44, Bunker Hill 36
170: Brian Bouttavong (BUHI) over Devin McIver (STAT) (Fall 1:58) 182: Garrett Icard (BUHI) over (STAT) (For.) 195: Gabriel Guess (BUHI) over Dedrick Davis (STAT) (Fall 5:26) 220: Casey Bolick (BUHI) over Robert Shuford (STAT) (Fall 3:41) 285: Marcus McIver (STAT) over Aaron Bryant (BUHI) (Fall 0:00) 106: Parker Galliher (STAT) over Lawson Vang (BUHI) (Dec 8-3) 113: Justin Wooten (STAT) over (BUHI) (For.) 120: William Johnson (STAT) over Raul Hernandez (BUHI) (Fall 1:52) 126: Cayman Carpenter (BUHI) over (STAT) (For.) 132: Andrew Holtz (STAT) over Brayden Guess (BUHI) (TF 18-0 0:00) 138: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over Clayton Dobbins (BUHI) (Fall 2:25) 145: Kobe Imes (STAT) over Jose Hernandez (BUHI) (Fall 5:55) 152: Jadan Speaks (BUHI) over Thomas Jaimes (STAT) (Fall 1:31) 160: Garrison Fontaine (STAT) over Daniel Silva (BUHI) (Fall 0:51)

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