Prep Wrestling: Greyhounds pick up three wins

Posted at 7:56 PM on Nov 23, 2018


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The Statesville Greyhounds won three matches and dropped one in a dual tournament on their home mat on Tuesday, November 20.

Statesville picked up lopsided victories over Wesleyan Christian Academy, Ronald Reagan High and Hibriten High, and dropped a close bout with Bunker Hill.

Here are the match reports

Statesville (STAT) 60
Wesleyan Christian Academy (WCA) 17

106: Parker Galliher (STAT) over CARTER GLOVER (WCA) (Fall 1:07) 113: Leo Martinez (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 120: William Johnson (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 126: Andrew Holtz (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 132: Joe Dishman (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 138: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 145: Kobe Imes (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 152: SAM BAXLEY (WCA) over Garrison Fontaine (STAT) (TF 18-3 0:00) 160: Double Forfeit 170: KIT CURTIS (WCA) over (STAT) (For.) 182: Devin McIver (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 195: MATTHEW SHOE (WCA) over Kyle Gaither (STAT) (Fall 0:48) 220: Robert Shuford (STAT) over (WCA) (For.) 285: Marcus McIver (STAT) over (WCA) (For.)

Statesville (STAT) 66
Ronald Reagan (RERO) 12

132: Joe Dishman (STAT) over Kaden Ladd (RERO) (Fall 2:50) 138: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over Rhett Steelman (RERO) (Fall 4:41) 145: Kobe Imes (STAT) over (RERO) (For.) 152: Thomas Jaimes (STAT) over (RERO) (For.) 160: Blake Lyerly (RERO) over Garrison Fontaine (STAT) (Fall 0:46) 170: Devin McIver (STAT) over (RERO) (For.) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Seven Wolfe (RERO) over Kyle Gaither (STAT) (Fall 0:16) 220: Marc Williams (STAT) over Tristin Conn (RERO) (Fall 1:02) 285: Sam Chacon (STAT) over Leonard Jackson (RERO) (Fall 0:09) 106: Parker Galliher (STAT) over (RERO) (For.) 113: Leo Martinez (STAT) over (RERO) (For.) 120: William Johnson (STAT) over (RERO) (For.) 126: Andrew Holtz (STAT) over Samuel Fuentes (RERO) (Fall 0:54)

Statesville (STAT) 60
Hibriten (HIBR) 19

126: Andrew Holtz (STAT) over (HIBR) (For.) 132: Joe Dishman (STAT) over Ben Winkler (HIBR) (Fall 1:42) 138: Antonio Caldwell (STAT) over Dace Tugman (HIBR) (Fall 1:14) 145: Kobe Imes (STAT) over Caden Crowe (HIBR) (Fall 3:02) 152: Nick tucker (HIBR) over Thomas Jaimes (STAT) (Fall 0:59) 160: Mack Waters (HIBR) over Garrison Fontaine (STAT) (MD 18-4) 170: Devin McIver (STAT) over Addie Conley (HIBR) (Fall 2:47) 182: Brandon Cucul (HIBR) over (STAT) (For.) 195: Kyle Gaither (STAT) over (HIBR) (For.) 220: Robert Shuford (STAT) over (HIBR) (For.) 285: Marcus McIver (STAT) over Daniel Baker (HIBR) (Fall 2:16) 106: Parker Galliher (STAT) over Tyler McMahan (HIBR) (Fall 2:13) 113: Max McMahan (HIBR) over Leo Martinez (STAT) (Dec 16-14) 120: William Johnson (STAT) over Terence McMahon (HIBR) (Fall 0:27)

Bunker Hill (BUHI) 46
Statesville (STAT) 36

120: William Johnson (STAT) over Raul Hernandez (BUHI) (Fall 1:21) 126: Andrew Holtz (STAT) over Corey Moser (BUHI) (Fall 1:14) 132: Brayden Guess (BUHI) over Joe Dishman (STAT) (MD 13-0) 138: Clayton Dobbins (BUHI) over Antonio Caldwell (STAT) (Fall 0:43) 145: Kobe Imes (STAT) over Jose Hernandez (BUHI) (Fall 2:23) 152: Jadan Speaks (BUHI) over Thomas Jaimes (STAT) (Fall 1:20) 160: Cooper Watts (BUHI) over Garrison Fontaine (STAT) (Fall 1:46) 170: Brian Bouttavong (BUHI) over Devin McIver (STAT) (Fall 1:52) 182: Sawyer Pannell (BUHI) over (STAT) (For.) 195: Gabriel Guess (BUHI) over Kyle Gaither (STAT) (Fall 0:12) 220: Casey Bolick (BUHI) over Robert Shuford (STAT) (Fall 3:41) 285: Marcus McIver (STAT) over (BUHI) (For.) 106: Parker Galliher (STAT) over Lawson Vang (BUHI) (Fall 1:06) 113: Leo Martinez (STAT) over (BUHI) (For.)

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