Kewaunee I claims Dodgeball championship

Posted at 1:17 AM on Feb 22, 2016


Photo: Kewaunee I team members pose after being awarded the Get Fit Iredell Dodgeball Tournament championship.

City Recreation & Parks Department sponsors tournament, considers league

By Jeff Hawkins

There was no room for controversy in the championship game of Sunday's Get Fit Iredell Dodgeball Tournament at Statesville Fitness & Activity Center.

So, when a dispute erupted over a ball that struck a player in the head with the ball, the Get Fit Iredell chairman stepped in and halted the deciding game.

Kewaunne I was declared the champion of the inaugural event. Among the players on title-winning squad were Fabian Acosta, Allen Campos, Sal Campos, Jason Dineen, Ivan Gonzalez, Gildardo Lopez and Danna Queen.

Tempers flared briefly near the end of Game 3 when Statesville resident Jason Duncan slipped and, while falling, was hit in the head. Normally, the thrower would be disqualified, but since Duncan was prone, the dispute arose.

“I was down on the ground and was hit in the head,” Duncan said, smirking as he added: “I didn’t think this would end in controversy.”

Griggs, the program director for the Statesville Recreation & Parks Department, pointed to about 50 competitors who “got out and ran and had fun” – on a day generally revered in the South for simply running to the couch and watching the Daytona 500.

A strong-armed lefty, Griggs competed for Get Fit Iredell and led the squad to the semifinals. In the first round, Griggs capped the two-game sweep with catches in each outing. In the second round, after being the first one out in Game 1, he capped Game 2 with a strike and Game 3 with a catch and throw to dispense of the final two opponents.

“It was fun,” he said.

The dodgeball tourney featured six players on each side and six balls. When an opponent is struck with the ball, the player must exit. The thrower, however, must leave if the toss is caught in the air.

There is interest in beginning a dodgeball league, he said. The city featured a kickball league in the fall and also offers adult basketball and softball leagues.

While watching his father compete in first-round action Sunday, Statesville’s Caleb Campbell, 9, became an instant fan.

“This is fun to watch,” he said. “I can’t wait until they start a kid’s league.”

Following his match, Chris Campbell informed his son of Sunday’s second priority: “Let’s go watch the race.”

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