Adult League Softball: Scores & Standings

Posted at 10:04 PM on May 28, 2018


Monday, May 21


South East Law 11, Kewaunee 0
Leading Hitters: South East Law: Darrin Bumgarner

South East Law 13, Kewaunee 4
Leading Hitters: South East Law: Darrin Bumgarner, Chase Little

Halos 15, First Presbyterian 4
Leading Hitter: Halos: Nelson Miller

Halos 12, First Presbyterian 2
Leading Hitter: Halos: Justin Coleman

Tuesday, May 22


Kleen Kutt defeated Statesville Fire by Forfeit

Kleen Kutt 21, Statesville Fire 5
Leading hitters: Kleen Kutt: Josh Mecimore, Chad Dyson; Statesville Fire: Matt Thompson, Neil Stutts

City of Statesville 12, Chestnut Grove 8
Leading hitters: City of Statesville: Corey Bustle, Rocky Kiser; Chestnut Grove: TJ Summers, Kelly Summers

City of Statesville 24, Chestnut Grove 8
Leading hitters: City of Statesville: Ethan Galliher, Cory Bustle; Chestnut Grove: Kelly Summers


Iredell Ballers defeated Dirty Divas by forfeit

Iredell Baller defeated Dirty Divas by fofeit

Thursday, May 24


Sticky Bandits 11, Health Smart Pharmacy 3
Leading hitters: Sticky Bandits: Matt Holder, Joe Taylor, Jacob Queen

Sticky Bandits 16, Health Smart Pharmacy 15
Leading hitters: Sticky Bandits: Jacob Queen, Timmy Hyde; Health Smart Pharmacy: Jimmy Jacobs,

Marlow Electric 18, Kleen Kutt 8

Kleen Kutt 12, Marlow Electric 11
Leading Hitters: Kleen Kutt: Jason Hill; Marlow Electric: Jacob Patton, Tyler Jordan


Orange Crush 17, All About that Base 2
Leading hitters: Orange Crush: Becky Bulla, Karen Williams, Chelsey Medina

All About that Base 9, Orange Crush 7
Leading hitters: All About that Base: Sloan Williams, Kaylyn Chapman, Sassy Smyth



The Halos 7-0
City of Statesville 6-0
Kleen Kut 8-2
Sticky Bandits 6-2
Statesville Fire 5-3
Marlow Electric 3-4
South East Law 3-4
Kewaunee 2-8
Health Smart Pharmacy 1-6
First Presbyterian 1-7
Chestnut Grove 0-6



Iredell Ballers 6-0
Orange Crush 3-5
Dirty Diva 2-2
All About that Base 1-5


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