Viewpoint: Accident changed my entire outlook on life

Posted at 9:17 AM on Mar 21, 2018



A week ago from today ...

I experienced something that changed my whole life. As most of you know, I was struck by a car while I was walking in a crosswalk in Downtown Statesville. I was rushed to Baptist Hospital.

Thankfully, my injuries were not near what everyone was expecting.

I suffered a skull fracture, three facial fractures, a concussion, a very nice black eye, some dental problems, and other various scrapes and bruises.

This may sound like a lot, but words can’t describe how thankful I am for only these injuries.

My main reason for writing this is to just talk about how this whole experience changed the way I look at life.

As soon as I was hit, I was instantly surrounded by bystanders who did and did not know me, but wanted to help me more than anything. There were police officers that came running to me, who gave me their jackets because I was freezing, and to the EMS and other first responders who helped, all I can say is thank you. I remember once I was in the ambulance I kept thanking everyone for helping me, even though it’s their job.

As soon as I knew it, I was in the ER with my family, boyfriend, and other family friends right there with me. All I could do was cry when I saw my family and friends because I was beyond thankful that I was given the chance to see them again.

During my time in the hospital, I had many visitors, and they all would make my day a little easier. From all the cards, flowers, stuffed animals, food and prayers, I was really looked out for. I am so grateful that so many people wanted to help me and wanted to ease the pain in any way they could.

I want to just say a huge thank you to everyone who sent out their prayers and their love in any way they could. I want to thank the first responders and the doctors because without them I may not be here today. I want to thank my family for being right by my side through all of this and helping me to get through it all. I want to thank my boyfriend for dropping everything to rush to the hospital to help me and for always providing help in any way he could. I want to thank all of my amazing friends for checking on me, making me laugh, and just being here for me through this.

This accident has taught me a major life lesson that many of us (including myself) take for granted every day: Live every day like it’s your last. I was always in this mindset that a big accident would never happen to me, but in reality it can happen to anyone at any time, even when you feel safe. This accident has shown me that we all need to live and love like crazy because we aren’t here forever. Hug your mom randomly, go out to dinner with your dad, call your grandparents because you haven’t seen them in a while. Just love more than ever before, and live more than ever before. Do what makes you happy and realize what you have in your life before it’s gone.

The day I was hit, I had a job interview that afternoon, a math test that I felt very confident in, and an internship at Belks. It's crazy how a big day can change in a matter of seconds. Don't take anything for granted.

Thank you, everyone, for everything and keep the prayers coming as for a speedy recovery.

I'm beyond thankful and grateful for all.

Salem Haire is a junior at North Iredell High School.

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