United Way volunteers, donors are making a difference in our community

Posted at 12:16 PM on Dec 21, 2018



Hard work doesn’t get the headlines.

Over the past year I’ve had the honor of serving as the board president for your United Way in Iredell County and have gotten a close-up look at some of the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes in our community.

In May we brought 550 people together around a dinner table at the first Iredell County Longest Table event. What stood out for me from the conversations that occurred there was how much attendees have in common. Our hopes, our fears and even our dreams might have some variations, but at the core they are all very much the same. We want a home, family and community that is safe, where we feel like we are well educated, financially stable and healthy enough to be a productive and contributing part of the whole.

Through my work with United Way of Iredell County, I have been able to witness and watch those striving to complete those goals for our community. Their work is immense in scope and can range from mentoring a child and healing the sick to providing an activity so a senior citizen has the opportunity to get out of the home to socialize. All of these activities can transform the attitude and heart of a community in a positive way. I applaud every donor and volunteer who made those opportunities possible.

During a time when the national headlines seem to focus on the differences and divisions in our country, it is this real, tangible, and often overlooked daily work that carries our community forward and makes the biggest difference in our lives.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the success of our community, our United Way and the network of agencies who we support. By donating, volunteering and or advocating, you help create endless opportunities in the lives of our neighbors. We encourage you to get involved and stay engaged in making our community better. Check out our website at www.uwiredell.org or give us a call at 704-872-3000 to learn more about how you can help.

Jeff Taylor is president of the United Way of Iredell County.

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