Opposing Viewpoints: Budd, Manning at odds over president's remarks

Posted at 11:14 PM on Jul 16, 2018


Editor's Note: Candidates for North Carolina's 13th congressional district issued the following statements following President Trump's remarks on Monday during his appearance with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Budd: I support President Trump's effort in attempting diplomacy with Putin


Budd mug_1667008590043186_415146840137138176_n.jpgAt this point, there remains zero evidence of any actual collusion between President Trump and the Russian government. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that there was attempted meddling by Russians in our last election -- both the Director of National Intelligence and the Select Committee on Intelligence in the House confirmed this in their findings. I fully support our intelligence community and their ongoing efforts to get to the truth regarding election interference.

In regards to Vladimir Putin, specifically, I think it is abundantly clear that he does not share our values and runs his country with a KGB mentality.

President Trump’s policy towards Russia shows that he clearly understands the threat they pose. His administration approved the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine, bombed Russian-supported air bases in Syria, and has placed additional economic sanctions on various individuals and entities in Russia for meddling in the 2016 election.

I support President Trump’s effort in attempting diplomacy with Putin, and it’s my hope that the president’s rhetoric in the coming weeks and months will be in line with his administration’s actions.

Rep. Ted Budd is a first-term congressman in North Carolina's 13th district and the GOP nominee in this fall's election.

Manning: Congressman should demand administration stop siding with foreign adversaries


Manning_1345413585570163_6100385647096482395_n.jpgRepublicans and Democrats alike should be able to agree on one thing: Vladimir Putin and Russia are not friends of the United States. They have never been friends of the United States. We should not be siding with a foreign adversary over our country’s top intelligence and law enforcement officials.

We need more leaders to stand up, put country before party, and do what’s right for the safety and security of this country. I was glad to see North Carolina's two Republican U.S. senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, directly address and rebuke these actions today.

I call on Congressman Ted Budd to grow a spine, stand up to his party, and demand this administration stop siding with foreign adversaries and stand strong against those who are trying to subvert our democracy.

If North Carolina and America come first to you, Congressman Budd, then prove it.

Kathy Manning is the Democatric nominee for North Carolina's 13th congressional district seat in this fall's election.

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