Letter to the Editor: Xavier Zsarmani has track record of service to Iredell County

Posted at 6:57 AM on Oct 24, 2016


To the Editor:

I am writing to let our community know that I support and endorse Xavier (Zake) Zsarmani for Iredell County commissioner. I have known Xavier and his family for over 25 years. Xavier has been married to Tonya for 17 years, and they have a beautiful family of five daughters and one son. Xavier has been a small business owner for 23 years here in Iredell County, where he also grew up. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army National Guard.

Xavier is a Christian man who has volunteered countless hours mentoring our youth in our local schools, serving at the Boys & Girls Club, and coaching. What impresses me the most about Xavier is that he has a servant's heart. He believes in being a part of something that is greater than himself! Xavier cares about others, our community, and our country.

There has not been a Democratic Iredell County commissioner for 23 years. We need diversity among our elected representatives and someone who can build bridges as Iredell County continues to grow. Xavier's focus is planting SEEDS for Iredell County. What this means is his focus will be on Safety, Education, Economic development, Diversity, and Security.

I believe he is the person that can embrace this opportunity with energy, wisdom, and a servant's heart. I am proud to support Xavier Zsarmani for Iredell County commissioner.

Leigh Ann Feimster Darty

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