Letter to the Editor: One candidate stands out in new 34th N.C. Senate District race

Posted at 3:48 PM on Apr 11, 2018


To the Editor:

People who decide to run for an elected political position are often faced with negative comments, written or verbal. Unfortunately, this may cause confusion for voters.

The first question I ask about candidates is: Why do they want to run for office?

We live in a wonderful country where we can and should vote! And we should do some research on candidates before we fill in that oval by a name on a ballot. When we choose a health care provider, we want their priority to be our top priority. When we have vehicle repair work done, we want to be treated fairly.

In so many aspects of our lives, we desire a good outcome. Why not take that philosophy to the polls?

Our elected representatives need to be looking out for residents' best interests and ensuring they will be treated fairly while also improving our lives and the future for the next generation.

I want someone who will step up when work needs to be done, someone who will be a voice for our next generation by focusing on education, and who knows what it feels like to work hard and feel pride in a job well done. This is accomplished by being aware of a need and taking action to meet that need, whether this is in the form of supporting small business endeavors that make residents' dreams a reality or by helping students to reach their full potential. Our elected representatives in Raleigh must understand health regulations, transportation needs for small and large communities, and have the desire to learn what it is like to be a farmer in North Carolina.

North Carolina Senate candidate Vickie Sawyer has shown that she is concerned about the health and well being of her fellow citizens. She has the energy, enthusiasm, and true concern for the future of the residents and for this area. She has the skill of listening, the integrity to return a phone call or email, and the ambition to find out answers and reasons.

Vickie has the tenacity needed to make a positive impact for us. She has the ability to see a situation from many angles, and her ability to multi-task enhances her decision-making skills. Including her family in her campaign demonstrates how important it is to have family support in making a difference in the community.

When your vote is made, your voice is given to that candidate. Speak with strength, determination, honesty and integrity and put the needs of our communities in the "new" 34th N.C. Senate District in the capable voice and hands of Vickie Sawyer.

I take the responsibility of voting seriously. As a resident of Iredell County my entire life, as a business owner/operator of McDonald's of Iredell County with my husband Mike, and as a huge supporter of nonprofits, with concern for all citizens of our area, I feel Vickie Sawyer will convey our concerns and interests well.

Melissa Neader

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