Letter to the Editor: Statesville NAACP fighting for jobs, healthcare and justice

Posted at 8:23 PM on Jul 31, 2016


To the Editor:

The Statesville branch NAACP is proud to be part of a movement that fights for voters, families, and righteousness. We are ready to continue the fight and to teach accountability to leadership and citizens. We all have a responsibility to fight for constitutional rights regardless of who the fight is with. We seek new members always.

As Rev. William J. Barber II has stated, "God has given us the rock (vote), now it's time to take Goliath (suppressor) down." If you don't want to fight us, stop suppressing people. I, President Anthony Turman, Statesville NAACP, will continue the fight for jobs, healthcare, justice, and quality of life for all.

President Anthony Turman
Statesville NAACP

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