Letter to the Editor: At-Large councilman endorses Johnson in mayoral race

Posted at 6:05 PM on Oct 27, 2017


To the Editor:

Statesville citizens will be going back to the polls to make a most crucial decision. It is important for everyone to get out and vote, but please think very carefully as you mark your ballot. The future direction of our community is on the line.

What direction do you want to see our city take?

If you wish to see progress and growth in Statesville’s future, Michael Johnson is the clear and necessary choice for mayor.

Over the past four years I have had the privilege and honor to work with both Michael Johnson and Costi Kutteh. There is no question that Mr. Kutteh has been a congenial ambassador and accessible leader. I have respect and admiration for both. Both bring valuable attributes to our city.

Michael Johnson, however, has the vision, knowledge, experience and tenacity to propel Statesville forward. He has spent innumerable hours working hands-on for the benefit our city. He has personally championed and led numerous projects, including the downtown streetscape and our wastewater treatment plant expansion. He personally visited our legislature and helped secure over $14 million in grant money in the past year alone. This money will help us expand our airport, ease transportation issues and provide our firefighters with necessary equipment. These projects strengthen our infrastructure and help prepare Statesville for future growth.

Michael Johnson believes in strong teamwork and has strived to include everyone on council in all aspects of the projects that he has championed. This type of leadership and open communication will drive our city forward and make Statesville a better place to live.

Some ask, why can’t he continue to do these things as a city councilman? The answer is simple: You cannot drive a car from the back seat. Without Mr. Johnson’s leadership, it is very likely that our city’s progress will slow considerably. A vote for Michael Johnson is a vote for progress and growth.

Dr. Michael Schlesinger
At-Large Statesville city councilman

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