Letter to the Editor: Jennifer Christian would bring wealth of experience, new perspective to I-SS board

Posted at 11:01 AM on Nov 2, 2018


To the Editor:

As an Iredell-Statesville Schools parent, I have worked alongside Jennifer Christian for many years. She is a tireless school volunteer. Jennifer easily spends 40-plus hours a week making our children’s school experiences better. She’s been PTO president of two schools, a room parent, and a Girl Scout leader. Last fall she chaired the Iredell County Facilities Task Force, where she led county and school volunteers through an evaluation of the physical needs of county educational facilities. More importantly she is a parent with young children. She experiences firsthand what is happening in our schools.

Currently six out of seven I-SS board members are retired men, most former educators. We need a younger, parent perspective; someone who works in the schools with administrators, teachers and children now.

I have seen Jennifer in action. She is easy to work with and excellent at looking at all aspects of a problem. She asks insightful, probing questions and is a phenomenal leader.

Jennifer is running unaffiliated because party should not play a role in education decisions. No matter your party or affiliation, I hope you will select Jennifer Christian as the District 7 Iredell-Statesville Board of Education member on November 6.

I cannot think of anyone who has more experience and a broader perspective. I can’t wait to see the great contributions and positive impact Jennifer will have on our schools if given the opportunity to lead and make decisions as a school board member.

Beth Packman

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