ABC’s of Education: Tips for parents of I-SS students

Posted at 7:17 PM on Sep 9, 2018



We have just completed instructional day No. 9, and we are excited about the prospects for an effective and productive instructional year. It’s a brand new year, but the expectations remain the same that progress and process will reign supreme. We are in eager anticipation of the remaining days and months of instruction, assessment, and enhanced instructional outcomes, and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all families in Iredell-Statesville Schools to share and participate in the vision of overall excellence by doing the following as we embark upon a new school year:

► Inspect what you expect. Establish frequent communication with your child’s teachers and hear from them directly what the academic and social expectations are. Ask for and receive a syllabus/course outline and hold your student accountable for the due dates/assessment dates that projects and/or assessments are set to occur.

► Be a presence in your child’s school. Take the administration up on their offer to visit the school durig the instructional day so that you may witness firsthand what is occurring in classrooms, in hallways, and in non-instructional settings such as lunch and class transitions. Take this time to work with school administration to volunteer in some capacity to build a sense of community partnership in your school.

► Be keenly aware of the academic, behavioral, and social expectations of the school. It's important to be aware of these, especially as they relate to the dress/personal appearance expectations, electronic devices, and expectations governing the prompt arrival to school and to class and work with the school to ensure that your student is in line with those expectations.

► Get involved. Auxiliary groups in the school such as PTSA, athletic boosters and band boosters offer great opportunities to make a difference in your child's school. There are plenty of opportunities available to serve in and contribute to the school!

Optimism abounds as the new year begins and it is my sincere belief that this is going to be another year of continued transformation. Working together, we will get it ... again!

Hans Lassiter is the principal at Statesville High School.

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