Students share testimonies at Fellowship of Christian Athletes event

Posted at 1:26 PM on Feb 7, 2019



Students, teachers and coaches from Iredell, Alexander, and Catawba counties came together in fellowship at South Iredell High School on Wednesday night.

Along with family members, they gathered in the gym to sing and share testimonies of Jesus Christ at the annual “Courts For Christ” event.

Students from several of the schools competed in a three-point shootout, with North Iredell’s girls and West Iredell’s boys scoring the most points.

South Iredell students MJ Chambers and Zach Tolman spoke about what Jesus Christ has done for their lives. They two boys explained how their faith helped them stay humble and grounded.

Tolman, who plays football, said he often found himself wanting to “gloat” about his sports performance.

“That’s not what God wants,” he said.

Chambers admitted he hasn’t always lived how God wants him to.

“With the help of FCA, I encourage and pray for other players instead of make fun of them,” he shared. “I follow Jesus because he’s the only one that ever really loved me. He died for me, and he’s the reason that I’m alive.”

Statesville High athlete Chloe Owens also shared her story and explained her team “huddle.”

“We don’t start talking about the game or start playing until we pray,” she said.

Niyan Miller, who serves as the Student Council president at West Iredell, shared his story also.

He said in 2018 he recommitted his life to Christ after not living his life “right.”

“It was the best decision I ever made,” Miller said.

And story after story, shared by students and a teacher, told of Christ’s blessings in their lives.

At the end of the evening, Mark Collins, a Statesville teacher, led the gym in two acoustic songs— “This is Amazing Grace” and “Death Was Arrested.”

At the end of the night, the crowd was given an option of giving their lives to Christ.

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