Statesville officials continue to assess cost of August 21 storm

Posted at 11:51 PM on Aug 31, 2019


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The City of Statesville is still assessing the costs associated with the powerful storm that swept through the region on Wednesday, August 21, downing hundreds of trees and causing widespread power outages.

Staff members are expected to brief the City Council on the storm during the Sept. 16 meeting, city officials said in a news release. Various departments plan for emergency situations and have funding for repairs to poles, lines and overtime built into their budgets.

Many crews worked 16-hour days beginning Wednesday evening, the City said in a news release. Crews from Kings Mountain, Dallas and Lexington worked Thursday and were released Friday afternoon. One of the contract crews from Lee Electric came in Wednesday night and were joined by two other crews on Thursday. These crews were released Friday afternoon as well.

A handful of customers "scattered" throughout the city did not have power a week later due to damage to their property that prevented the safe restoration of electricity.

Clean-up efforts began immediately, and Public Works employees are scheduled to be picking up yard debris from the curb for the next four weeks. 

Only three trees on public property in the city were damaged. The City’s utility arborist works year-round with tree trimming crews to keep city trees off the lines in preparation for summer storms and especially ice.

The majority of the trees that were damaged or brought down during the storm were on private property.

"We do not have a number of trees that came down on private property or how many customers may have expenses related to damages to their homes or yards," public information officer Nancy Davis said in the news release." We just don’t have any way of knowing that.

City officials said the assistance and patience of residents helped as employees worked to restore power, cleaned up, detour traffic, and pinpoint problems that may not have been reported.

Reporting Power Outages

The use of the automated reporting system helped a great deal. Customers should remember to call 704-878-3479 to report an outage. Give additional information if lines are tangled up in limbs or if you heard a boom or saw a spark.

If your phone number is not linked to your address, please email with your name, address, utility account number and the phone number you wish to be listed.

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