Project contractor reviewing bids for Iredell County Jail expansion project

Posted at 5:43 AM on May 28, 2017



Bordeaux Construction, the project contractor for the Iredell County jail expansion, received and opened all construction and service bids for the project on Thursday afternoon.

Nearly 35 trades were open for the bidding process to an array of pre-qualified bidders. Bids were received on services and materials like plumbing, electrical, security, sheet rock, bricks, steel, and grading.

The lowest responsible/responsive bid will be awarded a contract in each category, provided that all appropriate bid forms has been completed properly. It will take up to two weeks to determine the winners of each bid.

After the bid winners have been determined, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) – estimated at between $18 million and $21 million -- will be provided to county staff members. County commissioners are expected to review all of the winning bids on June 20.

Once bid winners are determined, the bid prices cannot be changed.

The GMP will be incorporated into the agreement between the county and Bordeaux Construction. The project should be completed around March of 2019.

“Nothing happens until the county commissioners approve the GMP but once that happens (the project) will mobilize quickly,” said project manager David Saleeby.

The jail expansion is necessary because of the growing inmate population. The county currently spends about $1 million per year to house inmates in other counties. Currently, the county has space for 277 inmates, including 201 in the jail and 76 in the annex building.

The expansion will add 300 beds to the jail. The project also includes replacing the current existing parking lot in addition to the embankment, and incorporating a retaining wall on the side of the hill, which is east of the main building on the Harrill Street side of the property.

If construction takes longer than 20 months, Bordeaux Construction will pay the county $3,000 per day for each day past the deadline to help cover out-of-county housing fees for inmates.

The Iredell County Courthouse entrance has already been moved from E. Water Street to Stockton Street to accommodate construction.

Once construction begins, likely in July, Statesville residents can expect quick changes to the construction site, such as:

  • The jail parking lot parallel to E. Water Street will be closed.
  • A security fence will be placed around the entire construction site. No one will have access to the site unless escorted by a construction crew member.
  • The hill on East Water Street will be torn down, and the land leveled.
  • A retention pond that will be added near Constitution Avenue.

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