Photo Gallery: Superheroes take on the Plagiarizer during I-SS camp

Posted at 3:14 PM on Jul 13, 2019


071119 Camp3.jpgPHOTOS: Students at Camp Invention participated in various activities this week which allowed them to test their experiments, make discoveries and even come up with their own superpower. 


Kindergartners and second-graders dressed as their favorite caped crusader zipped around Camp Invention on Thursday.

The superheroes learned how to save their creative ideas from super villain Plagiarizer. The activity taught kids about intellectual property and applying for patents and trademarks to protect their inventions.

Working in pairs, they built boats using balsa wood, cardboard, plastic, foam, milk jugs and other recyclable items at Camp Invention.

They put sails on their boats and then brought it over to the pool to test them to see if they could float and find out how many passengers they could carry. Washers were placed inside each boat to see how much they could hold.

Other aspects of the lesson involved troubleshooting when the boat didn’t float and learning what materials float.

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