North Iredell High grads grateful for friendships, community support

Posted at 10:03 PM on Jun 8, 2019


north main-3466.jpgPHOTO: Members of the Class of 2019 at North Iredell High received their diplomas on Saturday.


The rain didn’t dampen the spirits at North Iredell High School this morning as the community celebrated this year’s graduating class of over 270 students.

“We formed friendships, formed memories and have formed lives with the people that you sit next to today,” Senior Class President Dylan Coltrane told the standing-room-only crowd. “We also formed tuna subs.”

And, amid the laughter and the tears, the one thing that showed above all, was the pride in those walking down the aisle and the promise of what the future will hold for them.

“Combined we have $3.4 million in scholarships awarded to 141 students that have chosen to pursue a further education,” said Honor Speaker Hunter Tharpe. “I am glad to see so many students aspiring for something higher than their parents' basements.”

There was also plenty of gratitude for parents, friends and teachers who supported their journey to their diploma.

But there was a very special thanks, to a very special person who would also be making their departure from North Iredell High School, Principal Teresa Hays, who will be retiring this year.

“A very special thank you to Mrs. Teresa Hayes from the Class of 2019, your final graduating class,” Tharpe said. “Thank you from all of us for your many years of service and commitment to North Iredell High School and to each and every one of us standing before you today.”

Among well-wishes and hopes for the future was some advice from one graduate to another: Be kind and use your time wisely.

“Life is to short to just go through the motions,” Honor Student Clayton Gates told his classmates. “Use your time wisely. You hear that from teachers when taking tests, but it applies to life too. Study what you want to study, be who you are, be kind, choose your words wisely and your actions even more wisely. Be quick to forgive and don’t hold a grudge. Never leave someone on a bad note, you don’t know if that may be the last opportunity you have with that person.

"No tomorrow is guaranteed.”

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