I-SS implements Fan Code of Conduct for sporting events

Posted at 1:43 PM on Mar 15, 2019


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The Iredell-Statesville Schools Fan Code of Conduct was drafted by students who serve on the Superintendent’s Advisory Council.


Iredell-Statesville Schools and the Superintendent’s Advisory Council have created a Fan Code of Conduct to help promote a positive environment at district sporting events.

Boen Nutting, director of communications and development, presented an overview of the fan code of conduct to the I-SS school board members earlier this month.

“This project,” Nutting said, “it’s one that our student advisory took on. They feel very passionate that this is something we need in our school district.”

“Keith Gentle, Lake Norman High School principal, put it best when he said, ‘School spirit is about lifting your school up and not about putting the other team down,’ ” she added.

The Fan Code of Conduct aims to set clear expectations and “build and promote positive sportsmanship on the field and in the stand” environment among students and parents.

Schools will share the Fan Code of Conduct with students and parents based on their own preferences, officials stated.

Fan Code of Conduct
The Referee’s decision is final.
Swearing or Abusive Language will not be tolerated.
Support your team with positivity; wear your colors with pride.
Clean Up after yourself.

“The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has very clear guidelines for player conduct,” Superintendent Brady Johnson said in a news release. “The Iredell-Statesville Schools is taking it one step further by creating a Fan Code of Conduct. We want everyone -- our fans and our visiting fans -- to feel comfortable and welcome on our campuses.”

Brianna Abreau, a Lake Norman High School junior, said the code was necessary.

“The students in our school district must abide by this Fan Code of Conduct in order to represent what our community stands for, and demonstrate our core values of respect and excellence,” Abreau explained.

“Visitors and fans from other schools should feel welcome on our campuses and should be treated as part of our I-SS family,” she added.

Breanna Sanner, a West Iredell High School senior, agrees.

“It is important that we have a Fan Code of Conduct because Iredell-Statesville Schools wants fans to be able to have fun but also be safe when attending school events. By using this Code of Conduct, fans know what is expected of them and how to behave, thus making it a safer space for innocent fun,” Sanner said.

The Fan Code of Conduct will be posted at each high school and middle school in the district.

Some schools have elected to broadcast the Fan Code of Conduct at the beginning of all athletic events. Others have chosen to promote the hashtag #BeAGoodFan in their stands and around their campuses.

“Leadership teams and athletic directors will have the latitude to use the Fan Code of Conduct in ways that they feel will best shift and mold a positive athletic climate for all involved,” the superintendent said. “From a district perspective, we’ve shared lots of ideas as to how each school might promote good conduct, but we also realize that each individual school knows best how to build their school culture and climate.”

The 2019 Superintendent’s Advisory Council

► ASEC: Solomon Shumaker, Hanna Houpe
► NIHS: Hunter Tharpe, Wyatt Adkins
► CCTL: Kihana Turner, Seth Ratliff SIHS - Aliza Hall, Thomas Meyer
► Crossroads: Justin Bailey, Justin Fox SHS - Michael Byrd, Brenda Corado,
► LNHS: Brianna Abreu, Nina Christensen Jabril Williams
► WIHS: Breanna Sanner, Garrett Stiltner

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