I-SS Board will consider changing time for public comment

Posted at 7:47 AM on Sep 8, 2019



The Iredell-Statesville Board of Education will discuss the possibility of moving the public comment period from the end of its meetings to the beginning when the board reconvenes on Monday, September 9.

The board will discuss this matter during its combined meeting, which is open to the public, at the Career Academy and Technical School, 350 Old Murdock Road, Troutman. The combined meeting includes the Committee of the Whole meeting at 3 p.m. and Board of Education meeting at 6 p.m.

Last month school board member Todd Carver pointed out that having public comment period at the beginning of the meeting would be more convenient for members of the public who did not wish to sit through the entire meeting.

Also, the public would also get the chance to speak to the board before action is taken on agenda items.

However, the potential change would take some getting used to.

Flipping the order when the public can address the board means some working parents and other community members who cannot make it to the beginning of the meeting may not be available to speak. 

The board approved disbanding both Statesville-based meeting locations for the committee of the whole and regular meeting.

Under the board’s new schedule, the board meetings will rotate around to the various high school sites for Committee of the Whole meetings, while the regular meetings take place at CATS in Troutman each month.

The board has received some criticism for these changes, mostly due to the cost involved with building a state-of-the-art multipurpose room, which was built for the students but is also used by the school board regularly.


Also, during the Committee of the Whole meeting, the board will:

► Hear a presentation on the GEAR Up grant.

► Receive an update on National Board Certification for teachers.

► Review the Beginning Teacher Support Program, a multi-faceted, tiered approach to support and assistance for  teachers during their first three years of teaching.

► Hear a presentation on the tennis court contract at South Iredell High School.

► Receive a facility use and youth athletics update.

► Learn about the safety, security and student well-being upgrades.

► Hear a proposal on the Mitchell Career and College coach position.

► Hear a presentation by Chief Finance Officer Melissa Wike on the 2018-2019 Financial Year End results.

► Discuss donating a surplus bus to the Iredell County Rescue squad.

► Hear a recommendation to approve social media monitoring software for $111,630. The software is an effort to keep students safe from cyberattacks, bullying and early detection of potential violence and threats.

► Review a list of field trips.

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