A Heart for Helping: Scotts second-graders donate pet oxygen kits to West Iredell VFD

Posted at 3:58 PM on Jun 7, 2019


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A small donation to the West Iredell Volunteer Fire Department by a group of students with huge hearts.

Second-graders at Scotts Elementary School donated two pet oxygen mask kits to the fire department earlier this week. Each kit contains three masks -- small, medium and large -- to help treat pets who are experiencing breathing problems.

The kits cost $90 each. The students raised money by setting up a store of homemade pet products.

The students were inspired after learning about the devastating California wildfires.

Teacher Diana Schnebelt was working with the students on an economics unit. Having a heart for rescue pets, she enlisted the help of her students to help local pets that are involved in fires.

She showed her class a video of a pet being revived by an oxygen mask.

“We heard the dog's tail thump and then he perked up,” Schnebelt said. “It made it real for us.”

Afterwards, the class formed different committees and started making pet toys, bandanas, and other items to sell to students, teachers and parents.

Everything sold out, and the students purchased the oxygen mask kits.

Schnebelt said her students learned the importance of respect, kindness, and helping others.

“It’s something they can do in real life,” she said.

Student Nathalia Andrade said that she really enjoyed the project.

“Mrs. Brookshire read us 'The Giving Tree,' and it focused on kindness, which was our character trait in February,” she said. “We wanted to be kind to pets.”

Next year, Schnebelt hopes to extend the project to the whole second grade. 

Schnebelt said she was so proud of her 19 students.

“They took this so seriously, supported each other, and matured through this experience,” she said.

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