Deadline approaching to register for May 8 primary

Posted at 10:38 AM on Apr 11, 2018



Friday is the last day to register to vote and change your party affiliation for the May 8 primary elections.

In North Carolina, voters can only vote in the primary they are affiliated with. Unaffiliated voters can choose which party ballot they want to vote.

Early voting begins on April 19.

There are five races on the ballot:

Iredell County Commission (Republican primary)

Vote for three candidates
Scottie Brown
Gene Houpe
James Mallory
Marvin Norman

U.S. House of Representatives, 10th District (Republican primary)

Seth Blankenship
Gina Collias
Jeff Gregory
Patrick McHenry
Ira Roberts
Albert Lee Wiley Jr.

U.S. House of Representatives, 13th District (Democratic primary)

Adam Coker
Kathy Manning

N.C. Senate, 34th District (Democratic primary)

Lisany Kong
Beniah McMiller
William Stinson

N.C. Senate, 34th District (Republican primary)

A.J. Daoud
William Howell
Robert Rucho
Vickie Sawyer

Here are important dates for the May primary:

March 19: Absentee Voting By-Mail Begins

April 13: Voter Registration & Party Change Deadline

April 19: One-Stop Early Voting Begins

May 1: Last day to request an absent by mail ballot

May 5: One Stop Voting Ends

May 8: Election Day (voting at polling places from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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