Camp Invention participants learn about discoveries, patents and more

Posted at 10:05 PM on Jul 11, 2019


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Students at Camp Invention learned about famous inventors and made their own discoveries and inventions during a special four-day camp at Unity Center in Statesville.


Twenty students representing schools from across the Iredell-Statesville Schools district took part in Camp Invention this week.

After buying cows from the cattle auction, students ran lab tests on the animals' DNA to see if they might be sick. They learned that sick animals cannot be sold at the market.

According to teacher April Smith, students have also learned how to start and manage a farm. For their work, the students earned “moo-lah” and were able to purchase different items.

071019 Camp6.jpgThe camp not only teaches kids how to be 21st century thinkers, but also provides life lessons on failure.

“We tell the kids that failure is success that hasn’t happened yet, and there’s always something to learn,” Smith said.

Earlier this week, students used tools to build remote control robots. They learned about circuit boards, motors and gears. On Wednesday morning, kids used “orbots” to draw a Picasso-like painting on a blank canvas.

In the Innovation Room, students became caped-crusaders who learned how to save their creative ideas from the super villain, Plagiarizer. The activity taught kids about intellectual property rights and how to apply for patents and trademarks to protect their inventions.

The program is sponsored by the National Inventors Hall of Fame, which selects the challenges. Students learn about important inventions and inventors persevered after being told that their ideas were impossible.

According to the Camp Invention website, about 1,600 campers participate nationwide. This year's program focuses on having students use their STEM skills to solve problems through collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation projects.

The camp, which was open to rising kindergartners through sixth-grade students, ran Monday through Thursday.

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