Brown: 'Bringing light into this dark world starts at home'

Posted at 11:52 PM on Jan 18, 2019


unnamed (1).jpgFormer NFL lineman Jason Brown (left) and Mitchell Community College President Tim Brewer took the stage at Shearer Hall on Friday evening as part of local events honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.


A crowd of men, women, and children filled Mitchell Community College’s Shearer Hall on Friday to listen to the powerful words of guest speaker Jason Brown.

Brown, a former lineman for the St. Louis Rams who stepped away from his sports career to help those less fortunate, kicked off a weekend of activites in the Statesville area devoted to honoring the life and legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, Brown, his wife and their children are living their faith while operating First Fruits Farm, a 1,000-acre enterprise in eastern North Carolina. They grow and give away thousands of pounds of farm products each year to the “underprivileged and underfed” of their region.

“Thank God for his love and mercy, calling us to repentance and opening our eyes,” Brown told the large crowd. “There’s something far greater than the individual— it’s a sense of community and love for others.”

He spoke of his “mountain-top moment” in the NFL and realized that he felt empty. Brown, like Martin Luther King Jr., found that the Lord was calling him to meet the immediate needs of people, he said.

“Some people have called me a hero, but I can’t take that title,” Brown explained. “The Lord Jesus Christ and those who have the boldness and conviction to stand in the face of adversity are heroes.”

He encouraged the crowd to start their own spiritual awakening with their families, saying the problems of the world stem from hardened hearts.

“Bringing light into this dark world starts at home,” he said. “We need to get our families in order before we can get the world in order. Everyone does not practice Christ’s love like we do.”

The audience gave Brown several standing ovations.

The evening was capped with an inspiration rendition of “We Shall Overcome," along with Brown's closing words: “Love is the key. It starts with our hearts. All the problems of the world can be conquered with love. Love will conquer all.”

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