Statesville City Council likely to reconsider Elmwood annexation request

Posted at 6:21 PM on Mar 31, 2016


Motion to Reconsider has been been added to Monday's meeting agenda

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When the Statesville City Council reconvenes on Monday, April 4, the council will likely reconsider its March 21 decision to deny a request to annex property for a proposed quarry project in the Elmwood community.

Under “Roberts Rules of Order (Revised),” the guidelines that govern public meetings, a Motion to Reconsider can be made at the meeting where the action took place or at the next meeting. The motion must be made by a council member on the prevailing side.

During the council’s continued meeting on March 29, the administrative staff was made aware of interest by an appropriate council member to reconsider the annexation request. For that reason, and to give maximum notice to all persons concerned, Mayor Costi Kutteh directed staff to add the Motion to Reconsider the annexation to the April 4 meeting agenda.

Council will be allowed to debate this matter. However, a public hearing will not be a part of the reconsideration.

If the Motion to Reconsider is approved at the April 4 meeting, the first reading of an ordinance to annex the Tsumas/Wheeler property will be scheduled for the April 18 City Council meeting.

During the April 18 meeting, the intention is that a public hearing would be held. The procedure would be similar to the March 21 public hearing; each side will have 30 minutes to present arguments for and against the annexation. There will be no staff report and no opening presentation by the proponents.

Once the public hearing is completed, council will deliberate and make a decision on the first reading of the ordinance.

If no Motion to Reconsider is made at the April 4 meeting or if the Motion to Reconsider fails, the decision at the March 21 meeting would stand.

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