Broad Street in the area of Signal Hill Mall has been identified as both a Strategic Corridor and a focus area for future land use.

Community transportation plan workshop

When: Thursday, June 2, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. (drop in at any time)

Where: Statesville Civic Center


The future of transportation in Statesville

Posted at 12:36 PM on May 27, 2016



If you live in Statesville — or drive, walk or bike through it on a regular basis — this is worth your attention.

The city is moving forward with a long-range transportation plan that will address everything from traffic congestion and road improvements to sidewalks, greenways and bicycle lanes. The plan will also focus on future land use in four areas that could include industrial or retail development, parks or other public uses.

On Thursday, June 2, residents will have the chance to attend a community workshop at the Statesville Civic Center and learn more about the transportation plan and offer input on what improvements and priorities they would like to see.

“This is focused on the overall transportation network,” said assistant city planner Sherry Ashely. “We want to see what people see as the number one priority — to help the city determine what their citizens want.”

The first part of the plan centers around six “strategic corridors” — areas the city has identified as a priority for improvements. The six areas are:

  • Front Street (Buffalo Shoals Road to Garner Bagnal Boulevard)
  • Amity Hill Road
  • Broad Street (mall area)
  • Salisbury Road
  • Mocksville Road (Valley Street to Mocksville Highway)
  • Turnersburg Highway (Shumaker Road to Pine Hollow)

The second main area of focus will be the future use of land in four areas where growth is expected to occur. Those are:

  • Stacey Farm Road near the intersection with Interstate 40
  • Broad Street mall area
  • Barium Springs area
  • 21 North from the auto auction to Davis Regional Medical Center

During the June 2 workshop, residents will be able to visit six interactive stations and offer input at each.

  • INFORMATION: This will give an overview of the proposed transportation plans, an introduction to the planning process and a better understanding of existing conditions.
  • INPUT: Citizens will write down the transportation needs they see in the city and their vision for future improvements.
  • PRIORITIES: This station will have draft maps of improvements the city believes should be made, including the most problematic areas of congestion. Citizens will be asked to identify which areas and issues they feel are the biggest priorities.
  • FUTURE: Sidewalks, greenways, bicycle lanes, ICATS routes — what’s working, what’s needed and where are the greatest areas of need?
  • STRATEGIC CORRIDORS: Citizens will be asked for specific ideas and priorities within these areas
  • DEVELOPMENT: Will focus on the four proposed land use areas and seek preferences from citizens.

Once the public’s input has been received, city staff, elected officials, key volunteers and the engineering design firm Kimley-Horn will create a plan to present to the city council, hopefully by the end of the year.

Ashely said the city is stressing the importance of residents taking part in this process by attending the June 2 workshop and voicing both their ideas and concerns.

“This really impacts everyone,” she said. “We would definitely love to have everyone’s input."

Community transportation plan workshop

When: Thursday, June 2, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. (drop in at any time)

Where: Statesville Civic Center

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