City council weighs in on public artwork

Posted at 9:36 AM on Aug 31, 2016



At a special meeting this week, the Statesville City Council approved new public artwork for two downtown locations.

The first, outside the Iredell Arts Council’s home at the Old Jail, was a request to replace the previous sculpture with one titled “Rotunda” — described as "a welded stainless steel piece that stands 8”4’ tall.”

The second request was for five smaller sculptures to be placed in the Pocket Garden outside the old Gordon Furniture Building, which now houses the Statesville Historical Collection.

The Pocket Park sculptures are:

- Sorlien’s Head #1 by Nicholas Alexandros Sorlien. It is a 10” X 10” X 10” concrete head.

- Freedom Flight by Timothy Savage Werrell.

- Ballyhoo by Timothy Savage Werrell.

- Singularity by D. Gingres.

- Mother & Child by Adam Walls.

The council called the special meeting to approve the installations to ensure the works would be in place for the Sept. 16 Art Crawl in downtown Statesville.

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