What are these two characters up to?

Posted at 8:39 AM on Mar 22, 2019



The big, furry wolves lurking in a downtown alley attracted quite a bit of attention one afternoon this week.

Acting out skits, taunting downtown school children and waving to drivers, the colorful creatures drew curious looks as they took advantage of the spring-like weather.

While they enjoyed the attention, the presence of dozens of law enforcement officers who were attending Statesville Police Chief David Addison’s swearing-in ceremony admittedly made the duo a little nervous.

“They were definitely giving us funny looks,” said Ripley Wolf, the mastermind behind the costumes and skits. “We maybe should have picked a different location. I guess we were lucky they all had somewhere to be.”

Wolf and his sidekick, Sean Na Lapaioighir, make short films and post them on social media.

So far they have about 100 followers. But they are more interested in enjoying themselves than racking up fans.

“It’s just something we do as a hobby,” said Sean, who lives in Troutman. “We go to Comic Con when we can and this is just something fun that we do.”

“It’s fun to see people’s reactions to us,” Ripley added. “The kids had fun with us.”

To check out the antics of what they refer to as Furry Fandom, check out their Twitter at @ripleythewolf

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