Statesville Woman's Club announces 2017 Arts Festival winners

Posted at 5:22 AM on Jan 28, 2017


GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club Arts Co-Chairman Dana White (right) visits with student contestant Lindsey Manning, American Renaissance School, and her mother Melinda at the club’s annual Arts Festival.

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The GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club clubhouse on West End Avenue was filled with talented local artists’ work for the club’s annual Arts Festival on Saturday, Jan. 21. On display was visual art, crafts, and photography by local students from American Renaissance School (ARS), North Iredell High School (NIHS), South Iredell High School (SIHS), Statesville Christian School (SCS), individuals from LifeSpan and Woman's Club members.

Middle School Visual Arts, and Crafts Winners

Acrylic or Oil Painting - Lindsey Manning (ARS), first place; Auriel Howard (SCS), second place; and Rebecca Hager (ARS), third place. Watercolor Painting - Jessica Medina (ARS), first place; Auriel Howard (SCS), second place; and Pressley Anne Beatty (ARS), third place. Pen & Ink - Samantha Hill (ARS), first place; Madison Fox (ARS), second place; and Jase Renager (ARS), third place. Graphite Pencil - Jaylen Heaggans (ARS), first place; Everette Sherrill (ARS), second place; and Samantha Hill (ARS), third place. Colored Pencil - Isabella Keever (ARS), first place; Kaelyn Ramseur (ARS), second place; and Abigail Teeters (ARS), third place. Pastels Drawing - Lindsey Manning (ARS), first place; and Elizabeth Cook (ARS), second place. Mixed Media - Ben Teague (SCS), first place; Kyleigh Hughes (ARS), second place; and Faith Burden (SCS), third place.

High School Visual Arts Winners

Acrylic or Oil Painting - Maya Pelletier (SIHS), first place; Zach Hoots (NIHS), second place; and Giovana Cuesta (SIHS), third place. Watercolor - Eva Weigleb (SIHS), first place; Carolina Brown (NIHS), second place; and Alexis Elliott (SCS), third place. Graphics – Moriah Morton (NIHS), first place; Aly Warren (SIHS), second place; Eleanor Wilson (SIHS), third place. Computer Graphics - Alexa Kane (SIHS), first place; and Cassidy Brant (SIHS), second place. Pen & Ink - Jinqi Liu (SIHS), first place; Kara Dawson (SIHS), second place; and Samuel Thomas (SCS), third place. Graphite Pencil Drawing - Caitlin Cook (NIHS), first place; Eleanor Wilson (SIHS), second place; and Jacob Freeze (SIHS), third place. Colored Pencil - Brandon Gray (NIHS), first place; Leah Call (NIHS), second place; and Sophia Zifilippo (SIHS), third place. Charcoal Drawing - Whitney Brannen (SIHS), first place. Pastel Drawing - Molly Cadigan (NIHS), first place; Matthew Johnson (NIHS), second place; and Thomas Meyer (SIHS), third place. Mixed Media - Jacob Levin (SIHS), first place; Caitlin Cook (NIHS), second place; and Evie Khang (SIHS), third place.

High School Photography Winners

Black & White Photography - Ryan Zirkle (SIHS), first place. Color Photography - Maddy Ogburn (SIHS), first place. Digitally Enhanced Photography - Mary Beth Rhyne (NIHS), first place.

High School Crafts Winners

Ceramics - Johnny Bayne (SCS), first place; Cassidy Brant (SIHS), second place; and Austin Campbell (SCS), third place. Paper Craft - Giovanna Cuesta (SIHS), first place; Emily Cheshire (SIHS), second place; and Erin Sherrill (SIHS), third place. Decorative Painting - Anna Knox (SIHS), first place. Fabric Craft - Flora Gregorio (NIHS), first place. Basic & Creative Stitchery - Martina Vu (SIHS), first place.

The “Art Fest” is for clients of NC Centers for Developmentally Delayed Adults. This year’s Art Fest first place winners from LifeSpan were for: Adult Visual Arts - “Happiness”- Nick Mendola; Adult Craft - “Liberty” - Cecil Wagner; and Adult Craft - “Life” - Kenny Miller.

GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club WInners

Decoupage - Lee Ann Sherrill, first place. Open Category- Lee Ann Sherrill, first place; and Lee Ann Sherrill, second place. Oil Painting - Susie Byrd, first place. Photography - “The World In Pictures” for Living Things - Lee Ann Sherrill, first place; Lee Ann Sherrill, second place; and Susie Byrd, third place. Scenes - Lee Ann Sherrill, first place; Lee Ann Sherrill, second place; and Susie Byrd, third place. Still Life - Lee Ann Sherrill, first place; Lee Ann Sherrill, second place; and Lee Ann Sherrill, third place.

First-place winners will now go on to District II competition on Saturday, Feb. 18, in North Wilkesboro.

Scholarship Competition

The GFWC-NC Statesville Woman’s Club’s Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship competition took place prior to the Festival. Paige Baxter from North Iredell High School was winner of the $1,000 award. Paige is the daughter of Mark and Freda Baxter of Statesville. She will also compete on Feb. 18 for the Sallie Southall Cotten District II Scholarship.

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