Statesville residents share their top moments of 2016

Posted at 12:40 PM on Dec 30, 2016



On the national and world stage, 2016 brought many defining moments, from divisiveness over politics to sadness over celebrity deaths and elation over the Olympic Games. But the year was also filled with moments that were meaningful on a personal level. In that spirit, we asked Statesville residents to share some of their most impactful moments of the year.

Chelsea Pfohler

“I spent Christmas with my grandmother in Florida. It was the first time that had happened in six years.”

Kristen Burwell

“I spent my first anniversary in Washington, D.C. It was a spontaneous, spur-of the-moment kind of trip and it was somewhere that I had always wanted to go.”

Camille Cotton

“My daughter plays AAU travel basketball. She was playing in Virginia and I had no way of getting there. It was the first game I was ever going to miss in her entire basketball career. I came to work – crying. One of my favorite customers was there; we swapped stories. His son had just left the state for school. He looked at me, handed me his car keys and told me that one of us needed to be with our kid. That was my most impactful moment.”

Latoya Bryson

“My favorite moment was knowing that all my friends and family stayed together during rough times.”

Shelia Moore

“My youngest daughter, the baby of the family, got married.”

Chuck and Allison Houchins

“We married off our last daughter. She also finished college. We got our life back.”

Trae Fraley

“I was hired full time by Kewaunee.”

Courtney Boston

“I purchased my own home.”

Jody Gaither

“My favorite moment was watching my son throw six touchdown passes. He’s a freshman at Statesville High School.”

Carrie and Courtney Stephens

Carrie: My youngest daughter graduated from college.

Courtney: I graduated from Western Carolina with an English degree. I then found a teaching job at Carson High School.

Robbie Bennett

“I went to Myron Mixon’s cooking school and received my certification. My father and I then started our own barbeque business, Smoking Stud’s BBQ.”

Oriana Meidlinger

“My boyfriend and I bought our first home.”

Bella Taylor

“Everything was amazing about this year. #runitback”

Jalea Byers

“My most impactful moment was watching my daughter grow up.”

Andre Brice

“I got married to my best friend.”

Larry Brown

“My son, Tyler Watts Brown, plays AAU travel basketball. He hit 25 points in four consecutive games. He is only 11 and he plays with 13 & 14 year-olds. I am so proud of him.”

Brandon Meldin

“My favorite part is the end of 2016.”

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