GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club announces 2019 Arts Festival winners

Posted at 11:10 PM on Jan 27, 2019


PHOTO: GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club members Lee Ann Sherrill (left) and Susie Byrd competed in the club’s annual Arts Festival on Saturday, January 19.

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The GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club Clubhouse on West End Avenue was filled with talented local artists’ work for the club’s annual Arts Festival on Saturday, January 19. On display was visual art, crafts, and photography by local students from Mount Mourne IB (MMIB), North Iredell High School (NIHS), South Iredell High School (SIHS) and West Iredell High School (WIHS) and Clubwomen.

Middle School Visual Arts and Crafts first-place winners: Oil or Acrylic - Avery Rooney, MMIB; Pen and Ink - Sidney Law, MMIB; Mixed Media - Emily Yeager, MMIB; and Ceramics - Ella Ewoldt, MMIB.

High School Visual Arts first-place winners: Oil or Acrylic - Anna Rohde, SIHS; Pastel Drawing - Morgan Sturtevant, NIHS; Watercolor Painting - Dustin Long, WIHS; Sculpture - Kelly Wilson, SIHS; Graphics - Khandi Ramseur, NIHS; Computer Graphics - Niklaus Wright, NIHS; Pen and Ink - Desiray Wooledge, SIHS; Graphite Pencil - Grace McGarrigle, SIHS; Colored Pencil - Hannah Chivari, SIHS; Charcoal - Gabe Runyan, SIHS; Oil Pastels - Allison Flores, NIHS; and Mixed Media - Jeniya Glover, SIHS.

High School Photography first-place winners: Black and White Photography - Faith Hettinger, SIHS; Color Photography - Will Loyd, SIHS; and Digitally Enhanced Photography - Colin McDougal, SIHS.

High School Crafts first-place winners: Ceramics - D.J. Cook, SIHS; Wood Craft - Ramsey Chaaban, SIHS; Paper Craft - Eleanor Wilson, SIHS; Decorative Painting - Beth Richardson, NIHS; Fabric Craft - Beth Richardson, NIHS; Embroidery - Ava Tomlin, SIHS; Crochet - Ashonti Holland, SIHS; and Dye Craft - Olivia Dalton, NIHS.

GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club member winners: Watercolor Painting - Susie Byrd; Crafts, Open Category - Lee Ann Sherrill; Clubwoman Photography “The World In Pictures” first-place winners for: Living Things - Lee Ann Sherrill; Scenes - Susie Byrd; and Still Life - Susie Byrd.

These winners will now go on to District II competition, which will be hosted by the GFWC-NC Statesville Woman’s Club on Saturday, February 9, at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.


The GFWC-NC Statesville Woman’s Club’s Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship competition took place prior to the Festival. Hunter Tharpe from North Iredell High School was winner of the $1,000 award. Hunter is the son of James and Carolyn Tharpe of Harmony. He will also compete on February 9 for the Sallie Southall Cotten District II Scholarship.


For details on joining the GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Club, contact Membership Chair Joanna Gaither at 704-873-2684. For information on renting the GFWC-NC Statesville Woman's Clubhouse for your meeting or event, contact Building and Grounds Chair Dedie Dooley at 704-902-7754.

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