Chef Camp: Students spend week in the kitchen at Mitchell

Posted at 4:12 PM on Jun 13, 2019


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A group of young chefs spent time this week learning how to master and assortment of kid favorites.

Under the direction of Culinary Arts Instructor Bob Williams, the Mitchell Community College summer campers made pizza dough, pancakes, waffles, bacon, cookies, brownies, oatmeal cream pies, and two types of ice cream.

Williams was excited about hosting a cooking class geared for students.

“When Continuing Education asked if I would be interested, I thought it would be fun and spark interest for them later in life,” he said.

Williams enlisted the help of Mitchell student Cheyenne Smyre and high school student Caroline Bullins.

The camp included lessons insanitation, science, mathematics and communication.

Lyla MacDonald, 9, enjoyed making ice cream the most.

“Watching it was so cool,” she said. “It was so cool seeing how it moved around.”

Friends Lincoln Bridges, 10, and Nicholas Smith, 10, were both excited to talk about their experiences.

Lincoln’s favorite was the chicken parmigiana.

“It tastes good and was fun to make,” he said. “We got to bread raw chicken and cook it in the deep fryer.”

Nicholas also enjoyed starting with basic ingredients and finishing with a something yummy.

“I never made things from scratch before,” he said.

The students were so inspired that some were already planning to cook full meals for their families or at least make dessert for a cookout.

“I’m going to make waffles and pancakes every Saturday morning,” Nicholas said.

At the end of the class, the students were given leftovers to take home, recipe packets, aprons, and a certificate.

Joking that he originally planned to get the children “jacked up with sugar and then send them home,” Williams said that there were more lessons learned than just in the kitchen.

“They taught me how to “woh” and “floss” and about “Orange Justice,” he laughed. “I taught them what we did in the eighties with no cell phones.”

Williams is offering another cooking class next week for high school juniors and seniors. For more information, contact Mitchell’s continuing education program at 704-878-3220.

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