Iredell Memorial volunteers recognized for service

Posted at 7:36 PM on Apr 29, 2016



Volunteers. Their smiles greet us when we walk in the door, their laughter brightens our days. They give unselfishly of their own time. They touch our lives and lift our hearts.

At Iredell Health System, we have an immense appreciation for the more than 90 individuals who volunteer their time and talents to Iredell Memorial Hospital (IMH). They deliver cheer cards to patients, greet visitors, deliver mail, comfort patient families, run errands, and do so much more. They have provided service to Iredell Memorial since 1954, and continue to be a vital asset to patients, families, visitors and employees. Their impact is unmeasurable, and they are an integral part of our team.

Volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities worldwide – Iredell County included. Each year, volunteers at Iredell Memorial serve for thousands of hours, and on Tuesday, April 26, Iredell Health System took the time to thank its volunteers for their hard work and dedication at a special awards banquet. During the banquet, many volunteers were recognized for the hours they have served at IMH.

Please join us in extending appreciation to the following individuals:
Junior Volunteers – 50 hours – Emily Cheshire and Andrea Renegar
1,000 Hours – Mary Brinkley and Loyce Campbell
2,000 Hours – Flora Combs; Mary Deaton; and Phyllis Grant
4,000 Hours – Susan Gray
5,000 Hours – David Eisele.
6,000 Hours – Tommie Dean and Nancy Levan-Little
8,000 Hours – Norma Dearman and Sylvia Hanafey.
11,000 Hours – Vera Webster

“All of these individuals are committed and dedicated, and give of their time and talents to make life better for someone else,” said Brooke Horne, Volunteer Coordinator at Iredell Memorial.

“Whether someone has served a few hours or thousands, we are extremely grateful for the positive impact they have had and continue to have at Iredell Memorial. Thank you to all of our volunteers for making a difference. We could not do what we do without you.”

A volunteer’s work is never done, and more volunteers are always needed. Whether you can work four hours a week, four hours a month or four hours every other week, we want you to be a part of this vital service. Our volunteers enjoy meeting new people and will welcome you to the opportunities and fulfilling work of being a volunteer. If you are interested in becoming part of the volunteer team at Iredell Memorial, contact the Volunteer Office by calling 704.878.4524, or visiting our website at to download a volunteer application.

“You can make a difference, one hour at a time,” Horne said.

Meagan Kowalski is director of planning, community relations and marketing at Iredell Health System.

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