Iredell County DSS: Don't leave kids in hot cars

Posted at 6:42 AM on Aug 16, 2017


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The Iredell County Department of Social Services issued the following public service announcement:

Over the past years, the nation has seen an increase in the number of deaths associated with children left in cars. As we are now experiencing extremely hot temperatures, it is important for parents to understand the dangers of leaving children in vehicles and the precautions that should be in place to ensure their safety and well-being.

As of July 25, 2017, 726 children left in cars have died of heatstroke since 1998.

The inside of the vehicle heats up very quickly even if the windows are cracked.

According to, the temperature inside the car can reach 125 degrees in minutes. Cracking the window does not slow the heating process or lower the maximum temperature. A child’s body overheats three to five times faster than an adult.

It is important that parents take precautions to ensure that no child is left in a car. Parents should always “look before they lock” the car or get in the habit of placing items in the backseat such as your pocketbook or cell phone.

The safety and protection of children is a community responsibility. As parents, we need to ensure that when others are transporting our children, they also put safety measures in place, especially when transporting the child is not a daily routine for them. When you are not in your vehicle, it should be locked at all times and keys put away. This prevents children from having access to the car and accidentally getting stuck in the car.

Children should never be left in the car even if it is just for “a minute.” If you see a child alone in a vehicle, please call 911 immediately.

About the Iredell County Depart of Social Services

The Iredell County Department of Social Services is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children living in this county. It is our goal that no child is a victim. To accomplish that goal, we need the support of the community. As a community working together, we can better ensure the well-being of the children that reside in our communities.

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