Two Statesville Arby's locations feature new design

Posted at 11:18 AM on Jul 15, 2017



The Arby’s franchise is rolling out a new design and two of the three Arby’s locations in Statesville are already sporting the new look.

The East Broad Street and Taylorsville Road locations have been remodeled using the “Inspire design.”

The design reduces development and remodeling costs, increases restaurant efficiency and is “highly-adaptable to a wide range of site opportunities.” Savings are derived from the reduced footprint of the Inspire Design which incorporates room for 65 to 80 seats, utilizing the restaurant’s space in innovative ways.

The new inspire design is part of a nationwide remodeling initiative by the Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., which includes a modern, “boxed” look for the exterior of the restaurant, and an interior look that incorporates subway tiling, stainless steel in the kitchen area, multi-color wood materials, modern lighting and chalkboard graphics.

A unique feature is the “delight (production) line,” which changes the way guests interact at the counter. When a customer arrives at the counter to order, Arby’s meats and deli slicer are in-view. Once a customer orders and moves toward the pick-up side of the counter, they can watch as their order is assembled.

“It’s completely non-traditional for Arby’s,” Chief Development Officer Greg Vojnovic said. The Delight Line helps the restaurant chain with the smaller footprint design, without sacrificing speed of service and restaurant volume. “We’ve pivoted the entire production system 90 degrees.”

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