Smart Metals Recycling embraces innovation, growth

Posted at 1:38 PM on May 17, 2018




A little over three years ago, Smart Metals Recycling began operations with just 10 employees working out of a Statesville warehouse.

Today, the business employs nearly 150 people at two locations, here in Statesville and in Sacramento, Calif., and serves customers like Google, Toshiba and Fujifilm. Each day, it handles nearly 300,000 tons of e-waste between the two facilities.

Smart Metals Vice President Tom Allison shared how the company has adapted to such rapid growth and an ever-changing technology market during a presentation on Thursday to the Rotary Club of Greater Statesville.

“It’s been an interesting journey,” Allison said. “It’s changing every day for us.”

The company focuses on recycling businesses’ e-waste – essentially, anything with a battery, cord or circuit board – in a sustainable and socially responsible way. According to the Smart Metals website, the four main areas of service are: asset remarketing, parts harvesting, component reclamation, and responsible recycling. They also consider themselves a “thought partner” with their customers, designing software and solutions to their technology liabilities.

Allison said the company quickly realized that to stay ahead in the highly competitive market, they needed to focus not just on disposal of e-waste, but also re-use.

“We’re shaping a sustainable future … taking today’s technology into the supply chain of tomorrow,” he said.

As an example, Allison noted that they receive tens of thousands of LCD computer monitors, which contain a difficult-to-dispose-of mercury tube. Smart Metals is able to dismantle the unit, and send usable parts to manufacturers for LCD televisions.

“Even if it’s trash to you, there’s some repurpose we can find,” he said.

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