Hire Dynamics holds grand opening in Troutman

Posted at 1:38 PM on Dec 25, 2018


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Branch Manager Brandy Gaither cuts the ribbon at the grand opening of Hire Dynamics.



Hire Dynamics, a staffing firm that links “talent” to employers’ needs, officially opened its doors in Troutman on Tuesday, December 18, at a grand opening celebration.

The business, which is located next to Food Lion, specializes in manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, contact center, social marketing/media, and office & administrative positions.

“We’re just thrilled to be in Troutman. I just want to say how excited we are.," Regional Manager Patti Misenheimer said. "The company has been in Statesville for a long time but decided about a year ago to pursue a move to Troutman.”

The 30-year-old company, formerly known as Staff Masters, merged with the Atlanta-based Hire Dynamics last October to create 34 locations in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

The company works with leading employers and places talent in more than 25 states each year. The majority of job assignments are on a contract-to-hire basis over a three- to six-month period with the majority leading to full-time positions.

Jobseekers partnering with Hire Dynamics discover unadvertised opportunities that aren’t available through other staffing firms and can choose from a wide variety of opportunities to try out a new company or industry before making a career commitment.

The company is committed to provide opportunities for growth and to help jobseekers achieve their career goals.

Branch manager Brandy Gaither welcomed attendees from Troutman town staff and from the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce.

Gaither explained what the jobseeker or employer’s experience would be in the Hire Dynamics process.

“We refer to all who put in applications with us as ‘talent.' We don’t like to use the word temporary because we do hope that most of the people who come in are going to end up having a full-time job down the line," she said.

Jobseekers first complete an application using a computer center located near the entrance if they have not completed one online prior to arrival. This process also sets up tax forms, payment preferences, and other details.

After some skills testing, applicants meet with a staffing specialist for an interview to determine their job interests. The specialist then looks at current clients to match the jobseeker with an appropriate occupation fit.

“Some people who come in the door can be placed the same day,” Gaither explained.

Hire Dynamics is also introducing a new phone app, “Work for HD,” from which jobseekers can complete an application and also receive job alerts that match their qualifications. “Instead of them having to call us every day, they can wait until the app lights up.”

The app will show a map that pinpoints the job location and will include the job description and pay. If the opportunity sounds good to clients, they can click "accept" and get immediate information about the job start date and any necessary details.

“It’s all about the talent experience,” said Misenheimer. “We want the talent experience to be good. Even if we don’t get them a job, we want them to feel better about themselves when they leave here than they felt when they came.”

Hire Dynamics hopes to create an ease of doing business for both the talent and the clients, who usually have an immediate need.

Founders, Dan Campbell and Jon Neff combined their mutual passions in 2001 to create a different kind of staffing business, one that puts people first and builds partnerships that help both businesses and individuals reach their goals.

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