GIGA Data Centers celebrates grand opening

Posted at 6:01 PM on Jun 21, 2019


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Elected officials, business partners and investors gathered Friday for the grand opening and ribbon cutting at GIGA Data Centers in Mooresville.


GIGA Data Centers celebrated its grand opening on Friday at its new facility, located at 1035 Mecklenburg Highway in Mooresville

Local elected officials, business investors and staff got an up-close look at what GIGA Data Centers is doing to stay ahead of the trends during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday morning.

President and CEO Jake Ring said the company offers data solutions through low-energy consumption and modular enclosures to provide cost-effective options to its customers.

“With our new facility open for business, small to mid-sized companies will finally have access to high-performance compute capabilities at affordable prices,” he said.

The 165,800-square-foot data center features a main data hall that occupies 120,000 square feet.

Two weeks ago Ring learned that the facility was the first data center in the U.S. deemed Open Compute Project ready. The other two OCP ready data centers are based in the United Kingdom, Ring added.

In closing, Ring told guests that GIGA is an acronym for “God is Great Amen,” which reflects the spiritual guidance and integrity of the company.

Here are some ways GIGA is different than traditional data centers:
• The modular design provides hot and cool aisle containment, isolating the hot air extraction from the forced cold air entering the server inlets.
• TThe data center is energy efficient, with a Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.15. That means for every dollar of electricity used by IT, only 15 cents is needed to run the data center.
• The WindChill enclosure can support power densities from 2kW up to 50kW in a standard rack cabinet compared to a traditional data center that supports around 6 kW.
• The modular approach provides greater security protection for equipment and a cloud environment. Each client gets a private suite.
• GIGA is able to meet customers’ growing needs quickly through its unique modular design, resulting in streamlined maintenance.

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