Coming Soon to Fourth Creek Crossing: Jimmy John's and Cici's Pizza

Posted at 6:03 AM on Feb 20, 2018



A Jimmy John’s sub shop and a CiCi’s Pizza are expected to join Kay Jewelers and Starbucks in the Fourth Creek Crossing development, located at 185 Turnersburg Highway.

The development is located on the site previously occupied by Golden Corral in addition to property behind the Highway 21 Cookout.

“This is yet another sign that developers and retailers see Statesville as a growing market”, said Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce President David Bradley. “We expect this trend as our population rises and jobs continue to expand.”

The addition of Jimmy John’s was confirmed by employment signs near the construction site, sporting the contact email: A CiCi’s location was confirmed through the franchise’s website, solidifying that store location 0905 will be on Turnersburg Highway in Statesville.

In November, documents submitted to the Statesville Planning Department and Iredell County revealed plans for a Starbucks and Kay Jewelers at the site.

The original site plan for the property calls for three separate buildings totaling 12,672 square feet. The largest of the three will be divided into four sections with three retail spaces and one restaurant space with a drive-thru. The center building will accommodate a restaurant with a drive-thru. An additional building will also be constructed on the site.

Construction at the site began several months ago, and the businesses already have opening dates in mind.

According to representatives from each respective business, Starbuck’s expects to open this spring, while Jimmy John’s and Kay Jewelers anticipate a summer opening. CiCi’s Pizza could not be reached for an expected opening date.

The Statesville City Council approved plans for the retail/restaurant development in July.

There will be 90 parking spots and the location will be accessible from U.S. Highway 21, Pump Station Road and through the Cookout/Zaxby’s connector road. A landscaped buffer will be in place between the road and the developed area. A sidewalk will be provided along Turnersburg Highway and Pump Station Road.

Meeting the architectural requirements of the city, the construction of the exterior walls will include modular brick veneer. The design will sport two fronts, one facing the road and one facing the interior parking lot, which will also be the main entrance.

The Golden Corral building was demolished in January of 2017.

Rosewood Holdings sold the property to Panhandle Ventures for $1,615,000 in November. Panhandle Ventures, formed in November 2016, is owned by Henry and David Atkins of Atkins Properties in Charlotte.

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