Cheney Brothers honored as 2017 Industry of the Year

Posted at 1:06 AM on Feb 21, 2018


Editor’s Note: The following address was by presented on Tuesday evening by Mike Bennett with Wells Fargo, which sponsored the 2017 Industry of the Year Award.

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This evening, we want to stretch our understanding of industry in which a raw material comes in one door, goes through some transformation and goes out another door. We want you to think about a critical business sector that employs a wide array of the workforce, has invested millions of dollars into the economy and has quickly become very involved in this community.

As a result of the rapidly changing business climate, in the last 18 months, a primary tenant in the Statesville Industrial Park was facing some tough decisions about its future. The plant employed nearly 70 people in more than 100,000 square feet. Timing is everything and the time was right to enter into a discussion with one of the Southeast’s largest food distributors. Within a very short time line, the announcement was made that Cheney Brothers would be moving into the facility. Not only would they be moving in – but they planned to expand the plant by another 160,000 square feet and employ 105 additional people. Long-term plans could be for yet again doubling the size of the plant.

Cheney Brothers, based out of Rivera, Florida, now with a beautiful facility in Statesville, seeks to provide the best-quality food products to its nearly 25,000 customers. They are recognized throughout the food distribution business as innovators in delivery, quality and customer service. Their Statesville location will have a world-class kitchen in which they will be testing food and developing world-class recipes.

Shortly after making the announcement of their expansion into this market, company leaders met with community leadership to claim a long-term commitment to being civic minded. They have proven to be able to leverage their position as an industry leader, to quietly help organizations throughout Statesville – you will hear more about this great company in the coming week, months, years and decades.

Ladies and gentleman, Wells Fargo is delighted to sponsor the Statesville Chamber’s 2017 Industry of the Year award to Cheney Brothers and their wonderful team.

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