Sally Williams reacts to winning the tie-breaker as Elections Director Becky Galliher looks on.

Williams wins tie-breaker drawing for Troutman Council seat

Posted at 7:26 AM on Nov 13, 2017


PHOTO: Iredell County Board of Elections Chairman Grey Mills draws a slip bearing Sally Williams' name from a bowl as board member Eddie Guy looks on.


Troutman Town Council member Sally Williams won the drawing held at the Iredell County Board of Elections Office on Monday morning, resolving the 121-tie vote with challenger Curt Rogers for the third council seat up for grabs in the November 7 election.

Rogers, a Marine JROTC instructor at South Iredell High School, was not present for the drawing.

Iredell County Board of Elections Chairman Grey Mills, along with Secretary Alan Carpenter, Elections Director Becky Galliher, and board member Eddie Guy, oversaw the state-mandated process to conduct a decision by lot, according to North Carolina General Statute 163-292.

Incumbents Paul Henkel and Paul Bryant were the top vote-getters in the election, while Williams and Rogers tied for the third seat.

Mills explained the process prior to Monday's drawing, explaining that 10 blank folded pieces of paper and one bearing each candidate’s name were placed in the bowl. Mills would pull pieces of paper one at a time until a name was drawn.

Guy stirred the names and then Mills drew the first slip from the bucket, from which Carpenter read Williams’ name.

“I don’t know that that’s ever happened since we’ve been doing that,” exclaimed Mills. “It’s an unusual way to do it, but that's what the statute provides.”

All pieces of paper were laid out for inspection after the drawing to confirm that each candidate’s name appeared only once on the slips.

Troutman Town Council members Paul Bryant, Judy Jablonski and Jim Troutman, as well as Town Attorney Gary Thomas, were among witnesses to the drawing process.

“Thank you for drawing my name. I’m a little overwhelmed because I really didn’t expect it,” an emotional Williams said as she received congratulations from attendees.

Guy thanked all those for “coming out and being interested enough to take the time to congratulate our winner here. We did this fairly and by law and thank you for being good citizens and being here.”

Williams thanked her peers on the council for attending.

“I told (Town Manager) Justin (Longino) last week that if my name was name was drawn, it was meant to be. If Curt’s was drawn, then I was meant to do something else. I guess this was God telling me I was meant to do this four more years.”

Williams is looking forward to another term on the council. “I want to keep the small-town feel as we manage our growth and hopefully get some industries to come to Troutman,” she said. “I want to see all the projects that we’ve started be complete, the park especially.”

“I appreciate all the people who voted for me, who put their confidence in me,” added Williams. “I hope that this does not deter Curt from running again because there is another election in two years."

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