Town Council honors Eagle Scouts, K-9 Officer Odin

Posted at 12:59 PM on Aug 13, 2017



Troutman Town Council members dispatched with a light agenda on Thursday evening, recognizing several citizens for accomplishments, handling some contiguous annexation requests, and approving committee appointments.


Eagle Scout Joseph Thomas Vincent Blaney receives council honor.

Eagle Scout Andrew Tyler Clancy accepts council proclamation.

Eagle Scouts Joseph Thomas Vincent Blaney and Andrew Tyler Clancy were honored for receiving their Eagle Scout awards with service projects that benefitted ESC Park. Both received copies of the Mayor Teross Young’s proclamations recognizing their efforts.

Blaney led the installation of a lighted flag pole and garden area at the pavilion and of bird houses along the Joel Ray Mashburn Fitness Trail. Clancy supervised the construction and installation of three picnic tables in the park and fitness trail and two benches along the park’s nature trail.

“Very few people in Troutman or the country ever achieve that award, and they are to be commended. Please continue your leadership not only in our community but in our country,” said Young.

Business Spotlight

In the Business Spotlight, Young acknowledged The Hair Event (141 Wagner Street), one of longest operating salons in Troutman. Owner Shannon Luffman and co-workers John Baldwin and Loretta Kirby were present to accept the honor.

“They have worked hard to develop a unique atmosphere, and over the last twelve years the salon has continued to grow,” said Young. “The team believes that their goal is to strive for greatness by ensuring every client has a great experience in a relaxed atmosphere and a feeling of confidence when they leave.”

Luffman said, “We would just like to thank the Town of Troutman and our clients because they are why we are what we are today.”


Police Chief Matthew Selves recognized the passing of the department’s K-9 Officer Odin on July 26 from intestinal cancer. “He served the town very well as an officer and a friend to all the officers in the department, to citizens, and especially to his handler, Rusty Jones. He was a partner to Rusty, a friend, a family member.”

Odin, who arrived in July of 2010, had certifications in tracking, article search, drug search, obedience, and aggression control.

Selves thanked the community and other officers from across the area for their support during the difficult time and read a plaque dedicated to Odin and inscribed with the K-9 Prayer, which praises these dogs’ loyalty and sacrifice. Selves also thanked Pet Pilgrimage of Mooresville for its care of Odin.

The plaque, a paw print impression, Odin’s picture, and a flag with his name on it are on display at Town Hall. Odin is buried at the entrance to the greenway behind the police department area. Selves said a marker has been ordered and will soon be installed.


Parks and Recreation Coordinator Emily Watson reported that the August 4 Party in Park was a great success that garnered much positive feedback. The proceeds from the June event was $572.46, with the August event nearly doubling proceeds with a final profit of $1,116.15.

Mayor Young commented that he heard “a lot from citizens who said we need more events like that. We need to consider expanding next year.”

Young also praised the Troutman Police Department for hosting the National Night Out event last week, quoting former Mayor Elbert Richardson that “Troutman is still center of universe” and that he is glad people are so comfortable coming out to Troutman events.

Watson also reminded folks of the August 26 golf tournament to benefit ESC Park. The town website has more information ( for those who would like to participate.

The department will also sponsor a “Wicked Fast ... Or Not” 5-K on October 28 which will utilize the greenway as much as possible. Runners are invited to meet at the Depot (137 Main Street) at 6 p.m. to run in their wackiest costumes in a fun family-friendly event.

Registration for the 5K is $10 ($18 with T-shirt). Pumpkin medals will be awarded to the first 100 finishers. Participants can register at Town Hall or at

Watson also said the long-awaited fans for the pavilion have arrived and will be installed by Public Works soon.


Branch Manager Rebecca Lopez touted the highly successful summer reading program, with 413 registered participants. The library staff held 60 events over the six-week program, with a total attendance of 1,617.

An August Chess Club began last Friday at 4 p.m. with participation from folks age 6 to 60. Eight-year-old Tristan, who petitioned for the club, and his father are leading the class. The library plans to continue the popular club in the coming months.

The Themes and Treats Book Club also began on August 9 with 10 attendees and will continue the second Wednesday each month. The attendees eat sweet treats and talk about books that they read that meet each month’s theme.

Everyone is welcome at next month’s meeting on September 13, which focuses on reading a book that is intimidating in some way (length, type, subject matter, etc.)

Lopez said staff are fielding a dozen calls a day about the upcoming solar eclipse program, which will feature the making of galaxy slime on the library lawn at 2 p.m., followed by eclipse viewing with safe eclipse viewing glasses.

Staff are also passing out eclipse glasses to those who have to work or cannot attend the library celebration. Those who get glasses are asked to take a picture of themselves wherever they are viewing it and post it to the library’s Facebook page (

Staff will also have its Market Munchkins kids’ program at the Troutman Farmer’s Market at the ESC Park pavilion on August 29 at 4 p.m.


The council unanimously approved Marta Vega’s contiguous annexation request for her property at 381 Winecoff Street.

The council also voted 5-0 to adopt a resolution to investigate a petition for contiguous annexation by Linda Stoughton for her .497 acre property at 128 Gilcrest Lane. They also unanimously passed the certificate of sufficiency and set the public hearing on the matter for the council September meeting.


Council members unanimously reappointed John Larew and Tonya Bartlett and appointed Felina Harris to 3-year terms on the Parks and Recreation Committee.


Town Planner Erika Martin had no update on the stalled South Iredell greenway construction. Council member Paul Henkel is concerned about the lack of progress with school starting soon. Town Manager Justin Longino will call the construction company for an for update on the project, which was scheduled for completion before school starts.

Public Works Supervisor Adam Lippard reported that the sinkhole affecting Eastway Drive near Food Lion is still an issue. The town has done stabilizing work and is still adding gravel, but the ground has not settled as hoped.

The staff may have to dig up the road again because water is still washing the area out, though several camera examinations of the sewer lines have come up fine. “We were hoping to have it paved by now, but it’s not cooperating with us,” said Lippard.

Longino has talked with the company that caused the initial damage that caused the sinkhole. The company will compensate the town for repair costs.

Henkel also requested an update on the southern Eastway Drive sewer system issues. Longino said that the town engineer is completing the paper work for the project, which will be presented to council at the September agenda briefing. The council can then chose to act in time to meet a September 28 deadline to apply for funds to fix the long-standing sewer problems in the area.

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