Teens clean and plant community garden space

Posted at 4:10 PM on Apr 2, 2017



Troutman Library’s Teen Club met on Saturday to clean and prepare the community garden beds and to plant a variety of vegetables and herbs to provide a summer bounty for the area’s citizens.

The tradition of the community garden began soon after the library’s opening as a “give and take” program for the Troutman community, according to Library Program Specialist Shellie Kennedy.

“You come in and do some weeding and then take some vegetables home. You come in and water and then take some vegetables home. We also have patrons who come and pick the garden for us. We stick the produce on the counter and then you can take a tomato, a couple peppers, or a cucumber as you check out a book,” Kennedy said.

The 16 teens and a few adult volunteers planted and watered broccoli, lettuce, banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and herbs, as well as “marigolds to ward off the nasty buggies,” said Kennedy. The veggies and herbs will be ready at varying times over the next one to two months. They will be planting cucumbers, another popular item, in the near future.

The teens will meet again on Saturday, April 29 ,at 11 a.m. to plant the butterfly garden in the center of the garden area and also to put together and place two memorial benches donated for the library’s garden.

The teens will also be volunteering all day at the Front Porch Fest on May 13, the last volunteer opportunity of the school year.

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