Longino’s contract formally approved by Troutman Council

Posted at 7:38 AM on Aug 12, 2017



Town Manager Justin Longino’s contract was formally approved by the Troutman Town Council on Thursday after an informal agreement was reached last week.

Longino will receive a base salary of $75,500, which includes a $13,000 raise.

Longino could also earn a 2.5 percent increase to his base salary for successfully completing the UNC Government “Municipal and County Administration” course, a 2 percent increase for finishing the UNC School of Government “Introduction to Public Employment Law” course, and a 5 percent increase for completing the UNC Government “Public Executive Leadership Academy” course.

He is also eligible for merit and cost of living increases.

The contract’s provisions include semi-annual Town Council reviews of Longino’s performance in achieving policy objectives, prioritized by both Longino and the council, and setting reasonable timetables to achieve them.

Longino will receive up to 15 vacation days per year, one sick day for each month, and three days of bereavement leave.

He receives the same health plan benefits as other employees, but he will reimbursed for up to $1,500 for disability insurance since he cannot participate in the employee sick leave bank. The town will also reimburse Longino for a life insurance policy up to $750 per year.

He also receives a $500 per month automobile allowance for using his personal car for town business within Iredell County. He will be reimbursed for town business mileage outside of the county if he does not use a town vehicle.

In addition to participation in the state retirement system, the town will also pay 6 percent of Longino’s salary into a 401K, with Longino having the option to add more if he wishes.

Longino will also receive $5,000 for personal professional development costs. The town will also pay for membership fees to organizations related to being town manager or that are for the good of the town and also fees and expenses to and from short courses, institutes, and seminars that will be of benefit to Longino’s expertise or the town’s well-being.

The agreement will automatically be renewed at the end of each fiscal year unless either Longino or the council is give at least 60 days notice before the expiration date.

Longino’’s appointment and employment under the contract may be terminated by the Town Council at any time with or without cause. In the event of such involuntary termination, the Town of Troutman will pay Longino a severance package equal to one month of salary for each month he was employed, up to a maximum of six months.

In the event of a commission of a crime, embezzlement, fraud, conduct involving moral turpitude, or failure to perform the duties of Town Manager, Longino would receive no severance pay.

The council will notify Longino of its intent to renew or terminate his contract by April 30, 2018. If renewed, the council will negotiate new terms by June 30, 2018.

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