Adult Rec Kickball League Scores, Standings & Schedule

Posted at 11:54 AM on Oct 16, 2017



Thursday, October 12

Rubber Busters 10, Sole Kickers 8
Leading Kickers -- Rubber Busters: Raymond Bustle, Jennifer Labuda, Scott Evernham; Sole Kickers: Will Smith, Karen Thompson

Rubber Busters 8, Sole Kickers 0
Leading Kickers -- Rubber Busters: Rocky Kiser, Ernie Johnson, JJ Farris; Sole Kickers: Jamie L

Lookin to Score 11, Ball Barians 5
Leading Kickers -- Lookin to Score: “Star” Lar, Jacob Queen, Kaylyn Chapman, Brian Romito; Ball Barians: JT Benge, Leo Myers, Kaylee Duncan

Lookin to Score 6, Ball Barians 1
Leading Kickers -- Lookin to Score: “Star” Lar, Brandi Mueller, Megan Childers; Ball Barians: Scott Sharpe, Natalie Benge


Lookin to Score 10-1
Rubber Busters8-3
Ball Barians2-8
Sole Kickers1-9

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, October 17
7:00 p.m.: Lookin to Score vs. Rubber Busters
7:30 p.m.: Sole Kickers vs. Ball Bariains
8:00 p.m.: Ball Barians vs. Sole Kickers

Thursday, October 19
Tournament Begins

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